Thursday, March 24, 2016


If it sounds too good to be true.
It usually is.
And now, they add Jesus to the mix.

I'll never understand people who, for their own benefit and marketing purposes, throw the name of Jesus into the mix so people will (excuse the word) flock to their practice and get the shot.

There are millions of people in pain and, if you are Christian, he's marketing right to you.

First of all, let's do a little background on the doctor. His name is John Michael Lonergan. He is approximately 67 years old and spent part of those years is prison for mail fraud, tax evasion and health care fraud in Ohio. His medical license was permanently revoked in Ohio and Oklahoma gave him a provisional license which requires supervision. Now, it seems he's practicing without supervision.

Hmmm.....sounds legit already.
Now, he's in Oklahoma peddling a lovely little shot that will cure you from chronic pain. 
Oh, and that will be 300.00 .....

Dr. Mike...doesn't that sound so friendly and helpful?

No one seems to know what is in the injection. Why, in heavens name, would you EVER inject yourself with something when you don't know what's in it. This injection will cure all ailments, not just chronic pain. 

People in chronic pain are usually desperate and will try anything for relief. This is a predator that is injecting people with God knows what. He's misrepresented himself as part of the military and misrepresented EVERYTHING ELSE. He claims he was in the special forces but no one can seem to find anything about him and he was investigated about stolen valor.

It can't be substantiated but a Dr. Schrick told reporters that is a mixture of Kenelog, Vitamin B12 and dexamethasone. Oh, and it had another less exciting name: inflamation prototcol. It is very frightening to me that people will try anything without thoroughly investigating it first. If the doctor won't tell you what's in it you shouldn't be letting him inject it into your body. Look up the side effects and decide what is best for you and discuss it with your doctor. Speaking of doctors; look up yours and make sure he has an active license and is in good standing with the state medical board.

It's very sad that some people will use the name of God just to enrich themselves.

Dr. Lonergan? 

He works at the Priceless Beauty Spa.

Oh yeah....he can cure chronic pain.

And I want to be an astronaut when I grow up.

If it looks like a duck,

Sounds like a duck.