Sunday, April 24, 2011


I truly believe it.
Eyes are the windows of the soul.

There are people that don't look you directly in the eye. Call it vibes if you want but I believe we are given a sense about the people with whom we come in contact. Some people actually make the hair stand up on the back of your neck. On the other end of the spectrum there are those people that we know we can be totally ourselves and curl up in the security of their very being. 

Thank goodness I've met a few of those too.

I've met people that say all sorts of interesting things to you but you can feel it almost physically and know that it's not the truth. Your body reacts and if you listen to it you can learn a great deal about people. We have a sixth sense that we should let come through. Is it a perception of a fleeting expression that we didn't even know we noticed? 

Intuition comes from deep within us. Is it just our brain rapidly going through our internal file cabinet and then reaching a decision based on something or someone in our past that gave us a similar reaction? Do we really have understanding or do we just feel the emotion? 

I've been feeling so isolated lately. I feel like I've just been punched in the stomach and the twins (pain and fatigue) have reacted accordingly. It seems all I do anymore is yawn and sleep. I just can't seem to get it together. It's been a major crash extraordinaire and even as I type this I know I'm going to have to shut everything down and go to sleep.

I thought that if I finished this when I woke up I'd be a little more clear-headed. 
I'm still feeling somewhat muddled.

I'm just so glad that I've got people around me that make me feel, well, like me again. One person I've known for 32 years and I appreciate his quiet strength and friendship so much. He's got his own battles and no matter what happens I would always be there if he needed me and I know that he'd do the same for me. 

We should all have a friend like that.

I just know that people always tell us who they are. They ALWAYS tell us who they are. We just don't choose to listen. We overlook the red flags that are out there and convince ourselves it just couldn't happen to us. Red flags are the symbol to tell us that there is danger. It is the symbol that tells us to stay out of the water. We ignore the red flags because we really want to be in a relationship. We see the flags but we still go into the water not believing that we could drown. No matter what we do we will taste the sand on the ocean floor.

Sometimes we just don't listen.

If we would we could save ourselves from all sorts of problems.

It could simply just save us.