Saturday, June 7, 2014


It doesn't make any sense.
I live in Las Vegas.
And I HATE the heat.

I have to say one thing about Fibromyalgia. The internal thermostat definitely doesn't work! I don't like it too hot and I don't like it too cold. I don't like it real windy. I love the rain but I hate the humidity. 

I'm also a pain in the ass.
Anything else I don't like?
But mostly, I hate the heat.

Living in Las Vegas in the summer is like standing in front of a hair dryer. Just turn it on the hottest setting and point it at your face and voila! You're in virtual Vegas. We are in triple digits and I'm just not ready for it. The way I see it is that you can put on sweaters and jackets to stay warm but you can only strip down so far. 

Hot is hot.
And it sucks.

I guess we just can't regulate our thermostat. Usually we have problems with one extreme or the other. As you can guess, mine is the heat. I do much better when the weather is cooler. True to the general theme of Fibromyalgia, other people cannot tolerate the cold weather. Most of us do agree, however, on humidity. We don't perspire as easily either. Maybe that's why the heat really gets to me. Could this be due to my thyroid imbalance? Or is it just another symptom of our hypersensitivity?

Basically, it comes back to that pesky hypothalamus. The HPA axis seems to be popping up everywhere.  I guess the autonomic system is out of whack. Everything seems to point to a problem in this area. What triggers it is anyone's guess but when you trace back the symptoms that we have........well, it all seems to point back to this area of the brain. 

We have malfunctions in the two key areas of the brain. The autonomic system and the HPA axis. These two areas are the major pathways for the bodies response to stressful situations. Considering that we don't handle stress very well...........well, there you have it.

Here's what I don't get. 

What pioneer rode across the the summer........

Settled on what is now known as Las Vegas......

And said.........

"oh, this is PERFECT....let's settle here!!???"

But back to the heat.

I hate it.

I'm sitting right in the middle of fort stinking desert.

And it hasn't even gotten started.

Hello to Las Vegas in the summer.


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