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I have to say that sugar is my drug of choice. I love it. I can't have too much otherwise I go into a hypoglycemic sugar crash that is terrible. There are certain things that set it off. If I would have a regular soda......the sugar glaze that is on ham......cotton candy. Definitely not good.

Then there is the gray area.

Lemon Oreos fall under this category. So does cake without a ton of icing. M&M's, Lancaster caramels and sour gummy bears. For some reason I can have these without going into a severe crash. I have no idea why. 

Here's the funny thing. I'm a food snob. I love fresh, good food. I rarely go out to dinner and if I do it better be a great restaurant. I love to cook so if I can make it better......I'd rather. My dream is Masterchef but I don't have the presentation or knife skills.


Food is one thing and sugar is DEFINITELY another. You'd think I'd kick it to the curb but it took one lovely lady to help me do it. Her name is Judith Westerfield and she writes a blog called Curious to the Max. I had written a post and she had commented on how bad she'd been feeling and that she was ready to kick sugar.

Was I in?
I have to admit that apprehensive wasn't even close. 

I was making a commitment and I'm a commitmentphobe. It's like taking a medicine long term. I probably wont. Anyway, knowing that it was time and that I should......I agreed. She even posted it on her blog so I was all in.

Day 1-3 I was beyond snarly. Now, let me come clean. I didn't count sugar free stuff in this little venture. My coffee has sweet and low, a sugar free vanilla powder. That and a diet coke is my caffeine hit for the morning. It doesn't count any little bit that I use in dressings or food. I gave up my nightly ritual of Oreos and sour gummy bears.

I don't usually have THAT much sugar.....(ok.....I do but I don't think I do). Again, I use a little in cooking at times and everything else is sugar free.

Oh, I forgot. 
I love ice cream.
Good ice cream.
Like McConnell's salted caramel chip.

Anyway, I gave that up too. I am missing desperately my sugar. You'd think I'd mean a person

You must ready Ms. Westerfields blog about the sugar shun.

She says it much better than I do.

I gave in and had my ice cream last night.......

But, hey.........

no Oreos!!

Here's the link and while you're there check out Freddie Parker CDT. (canine dog therapist)

Thanks Ms. Judith........

I'm getting there!


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