Friday, November 5, 2010


Getting out of bed sucks.
But not for the reason you think.

I just can't seem to get it together. I have more pain than usual which is really saying something. I've tried adding ginger to my growing list of supplements because it is supposed to help with pain. So far, nothing has helped.

I'm getting frustrated.

What hurts the most is walking. I do try to power through it but it's tough to do. It truly does feel like I'm walking on broken glass. I don't know if it's a tendon problem or just a run-of-the-mill Fibromyalgia problem. I can't tell. Every five minutes it seems to be something else so pin-pointing the cause of these symptoms is a tough one.

I'm really trying to walk anyway but I have to add layers of insoles and gel to my tennis shoes and even then I have to wrap my heel with an ace bandage. That can't be normal, can it? Does anyone else have this kind of problem with their feet? Also, the humidity is rising so just add a lot of whole body pain to the pain in my feet. 

Geez, just add the tiara right now. 

How in the hell are you supposed to exercise when your body is crying out? I'm not a slacker. I'm still going to the gym and walking but I have to take pain medication to do even that. I come home and I'm wiped out. My feet hurt, my hands hurt, my body hurts. Everything hurts. Should I be walking on a foot that really hurts? Now that I've started to exercise I hate to stop, even for a day. What is the difference between tenacity and stupidity? Why can't I recognize the difference or have I already crossed the line from one to the other? 

If it sounds like I'm whining; I am.

I really wanted a positive post.

But I just can't dig down deep enough to find anything positive today.



  1. There are days, many of them recently, where I am so literally exhausted, the thought of getting out of bed brings me to tears. I hear you on this! Do the best you can with what you're given and do not feel bad in the least for venting! Living with disease is absolutely maddening and some days you just can't keep a positive smile on your face (well, I know I can't!). Vent away and I hope it helps you to feel better.

  2. Man, do I know how you feel! I am always having problems with my feet! Maybe you have plantar fascitis, like I did a few years back. I wore a special orthotic (I had to pay for it, the insurance wouldn't pay!) that at the time, I thought was making things worse, but it actually healed it and took that pain away, at least. Now I have problems with neuropathy and "pins & needle" sensations in my feet. They actually feel on fire sometimes. I take Neurontin for this.

    As for the exhaustion, YES I'm always tired and nothing "starts my engine."
    Hope we ALL feel better soon!

  3. Hi Rose,
    I'm sorry you are in pain. My feet used to hurt real bad when I lived in the mountains and sometimes still do, but not as much thank goodness. It comes and goes. Doc said it was planter fascitis, but not such a bad case. I went to physical therapy and it got better. My physical therapist was really good. He taught me a lot about exercise, most importantly I think, is not to over do it. If something hurts, he said don't do it. I stretched my feet and ankles, along with my calf muscle, the latter of which was important in healing my feet, kind of odd. He said gentle stretching so maybe you can try it.
    I wish you better days very very soon.

  4. Rose,
    You go girl! I'm proud of you for exercising. My feet always hurt because the central nervous system registers the pressure of walking as pain. Exercise is beneficial -- I always figure I'll hurt more if I don't exercise so that keeps me going. Can't prove it either way, right?
    with love always, Judy
    P.S. Positive attitudes are sometimes over-rated with fibro . . . .
    P.P. S. How is Mr. H? Max sends him licks and sniffs

  5. It is okay to not always be supergirl and trying to be positive. We want you to be yourself and share your thoughts and feelings here. We'd all go bonkers without that ability! I'm so thankful for the chance to be free here and share so openly with everyone on the blogosphere. We have some sanity left by doing so, I hope. :)

    I'm so sorry that it's been so rough. You're right, it's really hard to know that line between tenacity and stupidity. I think all of us with Fibro run into that nearly every day or so. I developed plantar fascitis in my left heel a couple months ago, and my workouts have not been the same. I have solely been doing strength training and have seriously slacked off on the cardio as a result. It's soooo painful. Doing what you've had to do with it is not normal. For me the best relief is constantly stretching it and going to the chiropractor for electric stimulation therapy (the name is similar to that but I'm not sure I got it exactly right). It's awesome. But then I walk again and ouch.

    Another difference for me is getting on the recumbent bike instead of the treadmill. I last longer there without feeling like I'm tearing my feet to shreds. My feet have really been hurting a lot lately too. It definitely depends on the shoes I wear. I'm learning more about stuff to put in my shoes to make it better too.

    *sigh* Hang in there. And we are always here for you, no matter your mood! {hug} Oh wait, that hurt. Okay, {gentle pretend hug where we don't quite touch}


  6. Hi Rosemary, I just saw this about foot pain..yes I have terrible foot pain..mostly in the morning and evenings..I don't try to walk much anymore, not sure that it would help and hurts too much. My doctor did say that the foot pain is part of fibro..its all in the muscles and the feet have muscles you are NOT ALONE.

    gentle hugs


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