Monday, September 3, 2012


You can tell a great deal about a person by their eyes.
Can you really tell when they're sick?

The study of iridology is interesting. Can you really tell how someone is feeling by their eyes? Is the story of our genetic makeup told in our eyes? Alternative medicine finds it a viable form of medicine, however, the medical community has totally dismissed it as foolishness. 

So what is it?

Simply, it is that the colors and patterns of the iris of the eye can give information about your health. The charts tell what organs are healthy and which are inflamed or in distress. There are four different sub-types of personalities that have different challenges.

Neurogenic: The neurogenic type has a resilient nature. Neurogenics are hard workers with a natural drive. They need to learn how to relax. The central and autonomic nervous system can give them trouble. Yoga and Tai Chi is helpful. They should avoid stimulants like sugar, caffeine, coffee and junk food. They should keep the volume down and avoid excessive noise.

Connective Tissue: As the name implies, this subset has connective tissue issues and is prone to sprains, hernias and problems with the joints and ligaments. Yoga and Tai Chi is helpful. Connective Tissue personalities should avoid sugar, caffeine, coffee and other junk food. 

Poly glandular: The polyglandular type has problems with an imbalanced glandular system. The thyroid, parathyroid, gall bladder and other digestive problems can hound these personalities. Yoga and Tai Chi is helpful for these people. These people should avoid processed or refined foods. 

Anxiety Tetanic: This is the typical Type A personality. These personalities are prone to creating stress for themselves. They need to learn how to relax. They are prone to neuro-muscular disorders, TMJ and spinal trouble. They should avoid stimulants like coffee, sugar, processed and refined foods. Yoga and Tai Chi may be helpful.

Obviously, this isn't an in-depth look at iridology. It's just a quick overview of the different personality types and some of the challenges they face. From the little that I read, I don't have a lot of desire to investigate more. It doesn't make sense that every type should avoid processed and refined foods and stimulants and that every type is helped by Tai Chi and Yoga. 

I know that we would all try anything to cure what ails us. We would investigate every avenue. I just don't think this is the path that will lead us to health.

The size of my pupil can tell the health of my autonomic nervous system?

So, when you look into my pupils you can see my spine?

When I think about this I think of the snake in Disney's Jungle Book......

Trust in me.........


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