Sunday, November 4, 2012


I've been saying it.
I've always been saying it.
Now, I'm not out on that limb alone.

I've always thought that painkillers get a bad rap. I will never deny that they're powerful and, in some cases, abused. I think that just goes with the territory.

I believe if your medical treatment involves opiates you must be responsible, vigilant and do so with the knowledge their capabilities and power. I've always said that if I thought I'd be out of pain by taking these, I'd be in a lot of trouble. They take the edge off of the unbearable pain but will not take it away. If I took enough to be out of pain I'd be a zombie. Now, a study has come out that states that these drugs may not be as addictive as once thought. 

Finally, a study that looks at addiction and physical dependence differently.

I know that when my pain doctor and I talked about opiates, I was concerned because of the addition of acetaminophen. That can cause liver damage if you use it long term. I asked about the oxycodone because it didn't have the addition of acetaminophen. He told me that I could be on that for years without the worry of damage. 

We talked about dependence.
I was worried about that.

He looked at my history and I'm a very low risk patient. I don't have a history of any alcohol or drug abuse and nothing in my emotional makeup that would indicate risk for addiction. I was told about the rules (sharing, doctor hopping, etc.) and signed my agreement. I've never asked for an increase or taken them in any other way than what I was prescribed.

I think it makes sense.
If you give a bottle of painkillers to a drug addict, chances are there will be problems.

I do think it's important for your doctor to know what and how much is needed. I also think that you've got to be open and honest and let him know how these medications affect you and if it's helping you deal with the pain. He did tell me that I shouldn't expect to be out of pain. 

That's something I've never forgotten.

That's why I firmly believe that Fibromyalgia has subgroups. For me, pain has always been the main issue. Pain without depression. The muscle spasms that I have are helped immensely by the tizanadine. The tizanadine helps normalize the amount of Substance P in the spinal fluid. Maybe that's why it will help people like me.....pain without depression. Maybe Cymbalta helps those with pain but with depression. There's still something that nags me about the reason that there is no medication that helps all people with Fibromyalgia.

There needs to be an inter-disciplinary approach to pain. You can't throw medication at patients. There needs to be a team that works with us. From doctors to our yoga instructors.

So it's back to square one.

But things are looking up in the medication department.

It can't come too soon.

Here's the link.


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