Wednesday, June 5, 2013


It reinforces my belief.
A lot of doctors suck.
Big time.

Okay.....I have health issues. I know that. Heck, everyone knows that. What I expect when I go to a doctor is a little knowledge and conversation and possibly....quite possibly.....a way to fix the problem.

Apparently, that is asking too much.

I've gone to doctors that have refused to name Fibromyalgia on my chart. I've gone to doctors that look at the kind of pain I'm in and give me the "oh, suck it up" look. The last one I went to looked at my skin peeling under my nails and offered the following comment...."well, you do live in the desert." 

No duh.

I've lived here 47 years and I've never had skin peeling from under my nails. I've got alligator skin, thyroid problems and the bimbo says....."you live in the desert??????" WTF????

I go to pain management every month. While I appreciate the fact that pain doctors are incredibly busy, when a doctor walks into your room....takes a look at you and then the chart and WALKS OUT.....well, that is beyond ridiculous. I'm serious. This doctor was not in the room with me for more than 15 seconds.

Do you believe that one??????

I go to another endocrinologist on Monday. I can't wait to find out what this person will do. Although I hope I can be pleasantly me,  I have just about had enough. What is it with Las Vegas?? If a doctor can't get licensed anywhere else do they all just come here?

Health care has become beyond terrible. What kind of arrogance causes someone to look at you in disdain when they take an oath to "do no harm?" How do they justify spending less than 4 minutes with you and then bill your insurance an exorbitant amount of money? No wonder health care is so wonder there is so much fraud.

I'm convinced that Buster gets better care than I do.

That wonderful doctor comes in and talks to Buster. 

Asks how that sweetheart is doing and Buster's tail goes a mile a minute.

If there is medication it's explained what it is for and how to use it.

If there is a problem they want to get to the bottom of it.


Maybe I should go to a veterinarian.

Boo don't know how lucky you are.


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