Monday, July 1, 2013


They've just released a major break though in the fight.
They're besieged by requests for comments.
They graciously responded.

I guess I shouldn't say "they."  After writing the post about the breakthrough I decided to go to the website and ask a couple of questions. 

I identified myself and posed my questions. I mentioned that I wrote a blog and tried to keep up on the latest research. I then signed off respectfully with my name and the name of my blog. 

I hoped I'd hear but I really didn't think that I would.
I was wrong.

The reason I didn't hold out hope was I tried this before. Not with this company but with the writers of a Fibromyalgia blog. I reached out and was basically told that since I wasn't published they wouldn't be responding. 

Isn't that a sweet thing to do? 

When I reached out to this company I still had visions of these research scientists and doctors not wanting to have anything to do with a lowly blog writer. What I encountered was a heartfelt email. Wrong. Make that two emails. 

One email was documents that I could feel free to share and the other was a response to my questions and a wish for continued well being. Yes, they have tons of people writing to them, sharing their stories. Are they annoyed by this? No. They are gracious and willing to share what they know. They honestly want to make the suffering of Fibromyalgia and chronic pain go away and work tirelessly to that end goal.

I truly believe they're on to something. I didn't realize that trauma can cause an increase in the nerve endings. Genetics can also be involved.  

What do I like the most?

The fact that he wanted Fibromyalgia sufferers to take comfort in one fact.

This isn't all in our heads.

It's real.


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