Tuesday, July 9, 2013


What the heck are we eating?
Is it any wonder we're sick?
And while we're at it.....
why can't we know what is in our food?

I guess my question is: Why do we still allow additives in our food that is banned in other countries? There are foods that we think are healthy and then there are additives that are just gross.

Lets start with Brominated Vegetable Oil. Doesn't sound too bad, does it? It's basically an emulsifier but it's main ingredient is bromine. Bromine has been linked to birth defects and schizophrenia. It displaces iodine which may lead to thyroid problems. It's mainly found in sports drinks and soft drinks. Other countries have banned it's use.

Not us. 

What about Azodicarbonamide? This is basically a bleach. Whereas some countries wait for the flour to whiten....well, we get a little impatient.  More than impatient...we want it NOW. Did you know that if we were in Singapore we could get 15 years in prison for using this chemical???? It's mainly used for sneaker soles and yoga mats. Who could taste it in the flour anyway?

You would think that good old milk would be healthy and good for you, wouldn't you? Well those cute little moo cows are injected with a growth hormone so they produce more milk. This IGF-1 (insulin growth factor) has been linked to breast, colon and prostate cancers. 

No biggie.

How about a little arsenic with your chicken? The FDA allows it in the chicken feed because it promotes growth. Also the chicken looks pinker so it looks a lot fresher. Isn't that sweet? The European Union has banned the use of arsenic since 1999 and labeled it a carcinogen. 


You know those yummy blueberry muffins? Do they really use blueberries? It could be propylene glycol. Just another chemical used to make fake blueberries. By the way, it's also used by the automobile industry to winterize RV's. 

That puts a new perspective on those old muffins, doesn't it?

I think the one that I like the most is glyphosate. Ever had weeds in your yard and bought Round Up? That's what they spray on the crops. In fact, they spray so much that it's been found in the streams and even the air. We ingest this stuff. What does it do to us? Well, it has been linked to learning disabilities, obesity, birth defects, infertility and metabolic damage. 

And I haven't even scratched the surface. 

Why can't we have food that isn't filled with additives that can kill us? 

Is it too much to ask for honest labeling?

Giving cows and chickens these chemicals.....well, it's frightening. 

No wonder illnesses that were rare 30 years ago and running rampant today.

Progress has not been our friend.


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