Sunday, August 18, 2013


I don't think my doctor believed me.
He does now.

Pain management is a funny thing. Obviously, you have issues otherwise you wouldn't be there. If you don't have much pain you don't need medication. If you have too much pain you're probably neurotic.

I must have fallen somewhere between the two.

He has been pressuring me to get a discogram for over a year. I gave him the report from an MRI but that wasn't good enough. What is it? They don't like reports other doctors get....they want to see for themselves.

OK, so I finally gave in. 
I TOLD him I was terrified. 
And I told him why.

I know what disks are bad. I researched the discogram and the more I read the more terrified I became. You can't be totally out because they need the feedback from you about the level of pain. If you're disks are bad you're in for a rough ride.


They give you a mild sedative. They put on the fluoroscope and put a few needles out there to numb the area.

It didn't work.

When they put the first needle in, I can tell you that I have NEVER had that kind of pain in my life. I went through 28 hours of labor and that was a walk in the park compared to this. Let me say, as I've said in posts before, I can take a great deal of pain. I've had stitches without Novocaine in my forehead and didn't move a muscle.....and I was 6 years old. I have sprains and breaks and got through it by almost having an out of body experience and talked myself out of the pain.

That's whats so weird. I can do it with some types of pain. 

Anyway, that first needle hit and I grabbed the table and screamed. Literally screamed. I was crying and screaming and endured that through 5 disks that he examined. It was the most painful thing I've ever been through. 

And that doesn't even adequately describe it.
There truly are no words.

So I've spend the last week getting through the flare that the test has brought. It's raining again so between the test and the weather I've just been a peach. 

The one good thing?

The lady that came after me came in and her face was WHITE. She was devoid of me on that one.....

Her words to the doctor?

"Oh dear God, please don't do to me what you did to that other lady."

I went home before she started screaming.

I think he finally believes me.

And I don't think he'll ask me to repeat the test.


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