Friday, August 9, 2013


I really miss writing.
I just can't think of anything.
I feel like a blob.

It's been a rough month. I'm trying to get my thyroid under control but it takes a long time for the medication to really kick in. Then I wasn't on the right strength and now I'm taking a separate T3 and T4 medication.

I think I'm starting to make headway.
But it's been real rough.

I've had my nails done since I was 16. I got fake nails for my birthday and I never looked back. Imagine my chagrin when the nail liquid caused a reaction that wasn't pretty. I got a reaction that looked like a real bad eczema all over the tips of my fingers. The skin would peel and then they became sensitive. Real sensitive.

So, I had my nails taken off to let my hands heal. 

Couple that with feeling like roadkill. So let's get this straight. I'm gaining weight.....due to the thyroid. I can't that due to the Fibro or the thyroid???? My body aches all over...again, due to the Fibro or the thyroid??

Now my hands have to look like crap?
Let's add a tiara.

I've looked at my blog and had posts in my head. Every time I sat down I thought, "I need to write about this." Then I couldn't think of anything to say. Even as I sit here I feel like someone has taken a baseball bat to my body and beat the crap out of it.

My 61st birthday is this month and I hate it. Everyone says I don't look it but as I look in the mirror I see a woman that needs to lose 25 pounds. I look at my hands and my nails look like crapola.  Then I look in the mirror and see a woman who's attitude is in the toilet.

I want to go back to the gym. ( I CAN'T BELIEVE I JUST SAID THAT) Believe it or not, the movement does make me feel better. It's just at this point I will cry through the workout.....I hurt that bad. I want to be able to enjoy this time of my life. Right now all I'm thankful for is my bed and my comfy pillows.

I guess I can be thankful for one thing.

I don't need a facelift.

However, I wouldn't mind one of those lifestyle lifts........

Yes I would......the pain wouldn't feel good and I'm afraid I'd look like the joker.

Am I rambling?????

OK....back to bed.

Did I mention it's been humid???


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