Tuesday, May 20, 2014


There are so many things we can't do. 
But by the end of this long word.....
there must be quite a bit we can do.

A - is for alive. We can be thankful every single day that we are alive. No matter how bad it gets, it's better than the alternative.

A - is for acceptance. This has changed our lives, no doubt about that.....however, we can still lead full lives. Our body just will remind us we can't go every day at full speed.

A - is for adapt. We've learned to accomodate our lifestyle to our bodies needs. It's ok....we can still find something to do to help others navigate this "thing" called Fibromyalgia.

A - is for authentic. The best thing we can do is be our authentic self. I can tell you that Fibro helped me find that. Being in sales I had been used to being a chameleon. It tends to cloud who and what you want. It took awhile but I no longer feel I have to please everyone else BUT me.

A - is for achievement. I was watching Dancing with the Stars last night and Amy Purdy is truly inspiring. For all her limitations she became an amazing, accomplished woman who put her disability in it's place. Look at what she has achieved in her life and then tell me that we can't do it because we hurt.

A - is for abundance. God's grace through adversity is given to us in abundance. Another thing I've always said, "suffering builds character....ok.....I've got enough character." (And yes, I have trouble sometimes with this one.)

A - is for appreciative. Take the time to appreciate what you do have instead of grumbling about what you don't have. (Yes, I've had trouble with this one too) When I'm reminded of all the good things Fibromyalgia takes a back seat.

A - is for active. There are times it's real tough to get moving, but we must. Those aching, stiff muscles need exercise. Now before everyone gets riled up, exercise does not mean an hour in the gym lifting weights or sweating on the elliptical trainer. It means movement. Staying in bed is good for the occassional pity party. I've done it myself and, to my way of thinking, feels good every once in awhile BUT those achy muscles do need to move. 

A - is for accomplish. There is no limit on what we can accomplish. Chronic illness is not a death sentence. We may need to change our outlook but we can have a fulfilling life.

A - is for aware. We need to stay aware of our bodies and understand what it is trying to tell us. We can't push too hard or we will pay. (I've had trouble with this.)

A - is for affirmation

A - is for attitude. Attitudes can do a lot. It can give us the determination to push through the pain to find what this life has in store for us. It keeps us happy and grateful. When the proverb says, "laughter is the best medicine," they weren't kidding. Do it. It works wonders.

A - is for amazing. Look up in the sky. Watch a baby's face full of wonder. Look at the sunset. See creation for all it's glory. If you can't go out and see it, see it virtually. This world is amazing and it's waiting for us.

A - is for almost. Even though I'm writing about what we can do, I fall short of it. I think we all do but reminders are good. They help us make it through another day.

A - is for AWESOME!

As I've said,

Fibromyalgia isn't for sissies.

We're tough,

We're strong,

As yes, we are chronic illness,


We are awesome!!!


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