Thursday, May 8, 2014


Let's start out with genius.
I had no idea how long 
the word Fibromyalgia actually is.

G - is for genius. Let me reiterate. Fibromyalgia is one HUGE word when you decide to write about it.....letter by letter.....

G - is for gloomy. It doesn't matter how well we are doing with this.....there are days that we are just going to be gloomy. Chronic pain tends to do that. Throw in a couple of other autoimmune illnesses and you have mixed a very interesting cocktail. 

G - is for grouchy. OK, when I hurt I tend to get a tad grouchy. Oh hell, it's a lot worse than that. When it gets real bad it's better that I retreat into my room and wait for it to pass. I make everyones life a little better when I do that. 

G - is for the good days. Thank goodness we do have them. They may not be real good, they may not be what we were before but I am thankful for every little break. 

G - is for grateful. As tough as it is, we must be. As I've said could be so much worse. It could be. I know days it feels like it but.....we are not dying of Fibro. That attitude of gratitude is so important. What chronic pain can do is bring thoughts of ending it all. It feels like to go on is impossible. If you have those thoughts......PLEASE GET HELP. Call someone....anyone. Life is truly worth it.

G - is for giving. There is nothing that makes you feel better than giving to someone else. If you are mobile....find a support group and help those that are struggling. Even small acts of kindness are incredibly fulfilling. Pay it makes you feel wonderful!

G - is for guilty. We feel guilty. Guilty when we can't be at family functions or going out with friends.....AGAIN. We wonder if they think we're faking it. We push and go anyway forcing smiles when our body is crying out. We pay for that later.........

G - is for grieving. Remember that life we used to have? We may not be able to have that life back but, remember, we can have a fulfilling one. It's natural to grieve but look forward. Limitations of all kinds will be there but we can still move past them.

G - is for gentle. Be gentle with yourself. Do you ever think you brought this on yourself? You didn't. Listen to your body and don't beat yourself up. Yes, it's overwhelming at times but, "this too shall pass."

G - is for goofball. Be one.

It's always good to be a little goofy.

It lifts your spirits.

It makes you laugh.

and laughter is good.

For your body,

for your soul

and for your spirit.


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