Sunday, August 24, 2014


I don't know why.
Lately, I've been tired.
Roadkill tired.

Fortunately, I haven't had a ton of pain to go along with the fatigue but the fatigue has been off the charts. I wake up and within a couple of hours I'm yawning and having a tough time holding my eyes open.

So I go back to bed.

It feels like someone just let the air out of the balloon. Roadkill. I want to get in the bath but I'm just too tired to do it. I'm also afraid that I'd fall asleep in there. So I'm looking at articles.
Let's see what the experts say......

Point number 1: See your doctor.
I've met a number of people who have chronic illnesses. Most of them will say the same thing I do. I've got the doctor on speed dial. I don't think seeing my doctor any more than I already do will help anything....short of having him move in with me. I think he's sick of seeing me.

Point number 2: Get enough sleep.
I hate to be pissy at this point but one of the markers of a chronic illness is those ever pesky sleep disturbances. Get enough sleep? Sometimes that's all we do. It's not the number of hours that will restore our bodies and souls. It is that we don't descend into full REM sleep. Some of us take enough medication to knock out a horse but sometimes that isn't even enough to keep us asleep.

Point number 3: Aim for more refreshing sleep.
All I can say is WTF? Go to bed earlier so I can wake up earlier? Huh? Don't watch TV in bed. Yeah, right. Good, I can lie there all night and look up at the ceiling. Plan your evenings carefully. Who came up with this stuff? All I can say is, "geez, the sixties were good to you."

Point number 4: Exercise for energy and to help you sleep.
This just keeps getting better and better. Now, I'm not saying that we shouldn't move. It's vitally important. It's just the picture of the woman in this article is just plain annoying. There isn't one clue on her face that gives the reader any clue that she's in debilitating pain and/or fatigue. Did you know that you shouldn't exercise late in the evening because it may interfere with sleep? REALLY?????

Point number 5: Eat well to fight fatigue.
I hate to be a buzzkill here but I can eat a nutritionally balanced diet and it has no effect on the fatigue. Moderation in all things is important but a blanket statement like this means nothing. Sometimes a little ice cream helps the mood!

Point number 6: Step into the sunlight.
This brings to light (excuse the pun) the value of sunlight and the ability to reset our internal clocks. Again, I hate to be Debbie Downer but our body clocks are totally screwed up. Stepping out into the sunlight isn't going to reset it. We need the Vitamin D but I don't think this will help in the fatigue department. Plus, if you live in the desert.....well, you get the idea. Going outside when it's 115 isn't a good idea.

Point number 7: Maintain a healthy weight.
I'd love this one. This has been the bane of my existence since I got sick. I can eat 1200 cals or less and zippo. Nothing comes off. Anyone else have trouble with this?

Point number 8: Manage stress to fight fatigue.
I totally agree with this one. Stress is a killer. The problem with theses invisible illnesses is that there is fallout. There is a huge economic fallout that accompanies chronic illness. It's disabling and as hard as we try to keep some sort of normalcy it hugely impacts your ability to make a living. If your career was a high stress environment you have absolutely no chance of being able to continue.There's relationship fallout. Whether it be from spousal, partner, familial or friends....everything and everybody is affected. People don't understand and take it personally. Stress???? 

Point number 9: Aromatherapy
I do like this one. I know there are people that are sensitive to smells and odors but if it smells good to me, I can deal with it. I love lavender and vanilla and use it on my body and pillows before bedtime. I don't know if it helps but I do like it.

Point number 10: Be good to yourself.
There is a lot of guilt and problems that go with chronic illness. We do need to be good to ourselves. This will be with us until there is a cure so we shouldn't be too hard on ourselves. 

Now that I've done this.....

I'm tired......

Going back to bed..........

Will I sleep?

That's anyone's guess.


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