Tuesday, January 27, 2015


So, what is it?
Will they ever know?
Or do I just continue to question?

I'm really sick of going to doctors. I guess what I mean to say is that I'm sick of feeling so lousy that I have no choice but to go to the doctor. I have to say one thing. I do have a great doctor. He's very curious and he believes me when I tell him that I feel lousy. This, however, means going for more blood tests.

Do I have any blood left?
After 18 vials...........

Evidently, my thyroid is still borderline. The autoimmune thyroiditis is in full force. Plus, the thyroglobulin ab is very high. They found a nodule in my thyroid. So now I have to go through another ultrasound and then if it's growing there's another fun test. I've been through a few of them already and the nodules just keep getting bigger. Tomorrow, if it has grown again I get to move up in the ranks of testing. What test? A biopsy. If that happens I think I'd actually be relieved. At least then I'd know why I feel the way I do. 

The problem is the symptoms are so intertwined.
I don't know if it's the thyroid or the Fibromyalgia. 

The fatigue is overpowering. I won't even count the pain because that is always with me. It's just that my hands have hurt more than usual. I don't think its the Fibro because I just feel so..........


I asked her why I can't lose weight. She stated I need to eat less calories. I told her that at, at best, I eat between 1200 and 1500 calories a day. Her advice? Go down to about 700. Do you believe that one????? She's a doctor????

I'm just tired of blood work being out of range and the endocrinologist shrugs her shoulders. 

If the nodule has grown again and nothing is done....

If she shrugs her shoulders again............

I'm going to another doctor.



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