Thursday, January 8, 2015


Localized or whole body?
Freezing or sub-freezing temperatures?
Are you in?

Think for a minute. You are ready to get into a chamber to expose your body to temperatures of up to minus 250 degrees. You only wear gym attire and are given gloves for your hands and a headband for your ears. You also get a covering for your mouth.

You are supposedly safe to walk into the chamber and stay there a few minutes.
Can I say, "hell no," right now?
Hell would have to freeze over.

I've become a wimp in cold weather. I have to say that I like it much better than the weather in the summer. Temperatures in Las Vegas reach up to 115 (or greater) and you can fry that egg outside. I hate the extreme heat and I hate the cold too. I don't think I'd be up for this.

To top it all off there is a warm up process and you have cardio exercise for ten minutes to bring fresh blood into the muscles and to release the stagnant blood. See, this is where they lose me. Blood doesn't just hang around in your body. It is constantly pumped by the heart. Stagnant blood? Anyway, back to the cardio. I envision a warm up period with a warm body massage with heated oil. I have to exercise and sweat??

I'm not surprised that there have been reports of frostbite. Any moisture on your body would automatically freeze. I'm also not surprised that there are conditions that shouldn't use cryotherapy. High blood pressure, heart disease are a couple of them. I don't know about you but my blood pressure would be sky high just standing and waiting to go into the chamber!

Cryotherapy has been used in pain management for quite some time. You can freeze and deaden irritated nerves and it's also used to freeze abnormal skin cells. I understand this. It's done by physicians in a doctors office or surgery centers. 

It's stated that it helps with inflammation and chronic pain. It boosts metabolism and helps with joint pain. It improves circulation and sleep. 

Whoa.....wait just a helps with weight loss?
That could be a game changer.....

I know that this type of therapy has been used for athletes for years. I can honestly say that i don't know if I'd try this. 

I understand it but.......

I just don't know.

Has hell frozen over?

Here is some great information:  Three levels of Cryotherapy


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