Friday, August 7, 2015


I know.
I did say it was a dry heat.
Who cares?
It's still hot.

It must be summer because all the articles about heat intolerance have been popping up. I know there are both ends of the spectrum but I'd much rather have cold intolerance because you can always put on gloves, sweaters and jackets. You can only take off so much and then you're still hot. It never goes away.

I live with someone who doesn't get hot when the thermostat is at 80. It's not easy to live with. It's a never ending battle just turning it down to about 76. I know that the a/c bills in the summer are high but, on the other hand, I don't use much heat in the winter so it balances itself out.

You'd think.

I have to sleep with covers. I need the weight of them to feel comfortable enough to sleep. I also have a portable evaporative cooler that I put ice in every night so I have cold air also coming into the room and blowing on my face. If the thermostat is ONE DEGREE over 76 it's so hot that I can't sleep. I'm just one of those people that cannot take the heat.

Yeah, I live in Vegas.
Ironic, isn't it?
Go figure.

It has been a couple of months where the temperature index ranges somewhere between OMG and WTF. Yes, it has been that hot. I wanted a fountain diet coke and the thermometer in the car read 119. People with Fibromyalgia have an intolerance to either heat or cold. Mine just happens to be heat and I live in the middle of the desert.

I will NEVER understand it.

Who the hell came to the desert 100 years ago....(I'm actually glad they did)

Looked around.........

In the middle of nowhere...........

Hotter than hell............

And said............


I think we should settle here.

Thank goodness I wasn't around then.

They would have shot me.


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