Thursday, July 2, 2009


We must accept what we cannot change.

transitive verb:

to make different in some particular, alter, to make radically different or transform.

You can't fight city hall.

I've read that in order to be successful in life and with those around you the acceptance of change is tantamount to that success. It means you are adapting to the world and circumstances around you. Don't misunderstand, I think some changes are good. You can change your hairstyle, you can change clothes, you can even change your attitude; however, when you change and adapt to the world around you, you have moved into the realm of conformity.

Conformity means the world has control over you. You put blinders on and meekly follow. It means you fall in line with everyone else. It means that if everyone jumped off the cliff you would gladly follow.

Change is not always good and it's not always good to accept it. How that acceptance comes about is what makes the difference. There are thousands of books on change and how to deal with it and why it's a good thing. It builds character.

Actually, I have had enough of character building.

The people that say change is good are usually the ones instituting the change. Change is uncomfortable and sometimes very unpleasant. You don't have to be a radical, but observing the logistics of the change and what possible scenarios come from that change is a much better way of doing things than just a mere acceptance.

Mere acceptance is what get the masses in trouble. Sometimes the yearning for change is so strong we'll take anything that comes along and then regret it later.

I understand that change is the only thing in life that we can count on besides death and taxes. Life does happen and there's not much we can do about it. Change isn't being a doormat or a blind follower. We learn and make decisions and then move on.

We must change what we cannot accept.

I think a much better way to put it is that we must change what we cannot accept. It sounds so much better than put the other way around. It makes me feel less like cattle and more like the warrior in control of my life.

To bend and never to break.

Never bow your head in defeat.

Much better.

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  1. I hate change! I've lived in the same house and had the same wonderful job for 7 years, and it's heaven. I could eat the same tasty thing for lunch and supper, or for lunch every day. I don't get people who get tired of something good. Boo change. Yay stability.


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