Saturday, February 18, 2012


Just when I thought that I saw,
the light at the end of the tunnel,
I found out that there was a train 
coming at me full speed.

I'm starting to get back to normal and just as I was starting to feel pretty good, it decided to get cold and rain. Then to top it all off I have a lovely little bladder infection. Now, I've heard that this is fairly common with Fibromyalgia but its been years since I've had one. 

I can tell you that it hurts. 
A lot.
That part I'd forgotten.

I was going to go with my girlfriend to see the Monet exhibition at the Bellagio but instead, I went  to the doctor. Still, I'm pretty impressed with myself because I'm in bed with a fever and I'm still writing. She came in the room and asked how bad I felt. Evidently, the infection was pretty severe and if I'd put it off any longer I would have had a real problem.

If I sound incoherent, blame it on the fever.

To top it all off next week I'm having epidural injections. I am not looking forward to those at all. This is the first time that I've had this doctor do this procedure and I'm a little nervous. All I can imagine is hearing "oops." Whenever I have something done, that's the first thing that goes through my head. Why do I always imagine the mistakes? I imagine the worst because we're dealing with the spine.The spine is definitely not the place to go oops. I'm pretty sure he's's just my nerves kicking in. 

Anyway, back to the bladder infection. I didn't realize that it was just another lovely symptom of Fibromyalgia. Is there anything that isn't a symptom??

I'm serious.

Let's see...........forget the obvious.......muscle pain, fatigue and the ever present fog. There is the sensory overload. Sensitivity to smells, light and noise. Bruising, hair loss and lipoma's. There is also nose bleeds, hemorrhoids, mottled skin, ingrown hairs and splitting cuticles. Let's not forget IBS, pelvic pain, abdominal cramps, urinary frequency. Poor balance and the inability to distinguish colors. Also, there is the tendency to have excessive sweating. Vision problems and headaches or migraines. Weight gain or weight loss and the carb and chocolate cravings. Urinary tract infections also run rampant in our bodies.

Let's not forget that we also cry at the drop of a hat.

With that list of symptoms along with the well known ones, is it any wonder that we cry? I cried just writing them. I mean it, is there anything that isn't a symptom? 

So just as I started feeling a little better about the move I got hit with this lovely infection. 

And I've just added more medications to the list of things I'm already taking.

Well, this gives me more time in bed.

I still need to answer those emails!

Did I ever really need an excuse?