Sunday, February 26, 2012


Ever since the injections,
I've had a very difficult time getting a handle on things.
A very difficult time.

I don't know why these days have been so trying or so difficult. Could it be the aftermath of the move and stress of these last months? Could it be the humidity and temperature fluctuations?  Could it just be one heck of a flare that decided to rear its ugly head? Or could it be from the injections that I was subjected to by the sadist. many choices.

Ever since the injections the pain has been horrendous. I'm used to living with a degree of pain everyday. I can even deal with it when it starts to rise but the pain I've been in since the injections is borderline intolerable. It feels like someone is taking jabs at all the joints in my body and hollowing them out with a dull knife, scraping and stabbing along the way.  It tends to be much worse at night. Great. I get through one set of adverse circumstances and jump headlong into another.

I'm curled up in the fetal position praying for it to stop.

I tried going to the gym but I couldn't even walk on the treadmill. Along with the pain I feel like I've got lead weights hanging all over me. So, the gym wasn't part of the equation this morning. The only thing I've done is stay in bed. 


I was thinking about turning this into a learning experience.

So what have I learned?

Never, EVER, do this again.