Wednesday, March 7, 2012


I've tried it all.
The pain is still there.
Erased by pain again.

I know I've made light of a lot of things. I do believe that laughter and humor can go a very long way in helping us cope with a very real and debilitating illness. Sorry, I should have said "syndrome" since Fibromyalgia is not an "illness." Lately, its been tough to reach down and find the humor. My coping mechanisms have been on overdrive lately and trying to find the words has been tough. Usually, I don't have a problem expressing ANYTHING. That's why this latest flare has been so rough.

I still attribute this to the perfect storm of events culminating with my lovely epidural injections. 

I will finally go back to the doctor tomorrow and he'll want to know how I coped. Trust me, I can't wait for this appointment. I will be telling him exactly what I've been feeling..... no thanks to him.

I have done everything. 
I've played by the rules.

I have been consistent. I go to the gym pain or no pain. I still say that exercise has had no effect on the level of pain that I experience on a daily basis. It may help me cope but it doesn't do anything to help the pain levels. Exercise is supposed to help restore the bodies neurochemical balance. It boosts endorphins. It is also supposed to desensitize the bodies reactions to stress. It does help me feel better about myself and it helps my emotional state of being but, again, it does nothing in regards to pain levels. 

More often than not I feel like roadkill when I leave the gym.

I had a friend of mine suggest that the pain might go away if I had a more positive outlook. I just love comments like that. I reminded them that this is not a psychological problem but thanks again for the support.

What is the trigger? 

In my case it was definitely the trauma of the accident that triggered the Fibromyalgia. Genetic predisposition my be a part of this but there is something we are all missing. There are low levels of chemicals that inhibit pain signals such as serotonin and norepinephrine and at the other end of the spectrum there are high levels of chemicals that cause pain signals such as Substance P and glutamate. So what causes the low and high levels?  There is definitely a change in the way the brain processes pain. 

Well, we have trouble with our dopamine levels also.
What triggers the levels?
I wish I knew the answer to that question. 

Oh, by the way, the weather has been all over the place as well.

High humidity and wind.

It just keeps getting better and better......