Monday, October 1, 2012


While I love calamari rings, the tentacles,
or testicles (as my daughter would say) are not my favorite.
What does this have to do with anything??

I was just stumbling around this morning (what else is new?) and trying to see if anything was new out on the clinical trial horizon. What I found was staggering (and yes, I do that too). I was looking for pictures on Google images and saw a cool picture of hands. I started looking at some of the links and found out about the Calmere Therapy protocol.

What would I give to be off medication and relatively pain free?
Everything I own.

The clinical trial by the University of Wisconsin has finalized. The final processing was done on September 30th, so we should be able to see the results any time now. I'm putting all sorts of links in this post because this is the first thing that looks like it may work. 

Basically, what it does is take the pain signals and sends an artificial signal that says "no pain" to the brain.

I think I missed it because it has been filed under chronic neuropathic pain and indicated for cancer patients with chemo induced neuropathy. As you continue down the list though, it is for low back pain and neuromuscular diseases. Yep, that's us!!!!

During the treatment patients usually experience no pain and the duration that it lasts is determined on the underlying cause and intensity of the pain. You get treatment one treatment a day for two weeks and then booster treatments as needed. It's non-invasive and, obviously, drug free.

It looks like a giant Tens unit but it's faster, stronger and more effective. The Scrambler Therapy recorded at 59% reduction in pain. Let me tell you, if something reduced my pain by almost 60%......I could be functional again. 

The Mayo Clinic is conducting trials using the Scrambler Therapy as well. There are locations across the country using this protocol. 

I just think this is kind of interesting.....

At least it woke me up this morning........

Caffeine and getting scrambled.........

Works for me!

Just as an FYI.....when I spell checked neuromuscular came up numskull.

How fitting is that??????


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