Wednesday, February 6, 2013


I love oregano.
I'm finding out some interesting things.
It's just not for cooking anymore.

I saw a post of Facebook about the healing properties of Oregano. I like to look at alternative methods and it sounded interesting.

It's also about safety.

I've always known that natural doesn't always mean it's safe. It also doesn't mean that it won't interact with medications that we may take. It's always good to look up the medication or supplement to make sure about the dosage and if any foods taken with it can cause any problems.

Just look at what grapefruit can do.

Anyway, some research has been done on oregano oil. Dr. Harry Preuss, MD and professor of physiology at Georgetown tested oregano oil on the staphylococcus bacteria and found that the oil inhibited the growth as effectively as the antibiotics did. British researchers have also found it to be effective for about 25 different bacteria. 

It's touted to be anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, an anti-allergan and a natural pain killer.

Another article had to do with the bacteria that is responsible for food poisoning due to inadequate cooling in the retail food service. Oregano oil was found to inhibit the bacteria and reduces the risk of growth in ground turkey. 

If this can be used to inhibit bacterial growth it could be very useful to strains that are becoming resistant to antibiotics.

Sage, on the other hand, can be toxic.

Is that what Simon and Garfunkel sang??

Oh yeah......


The title sounds good though.......

Just be careful what you use.


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