Saturday, February 2, 2013


I like to keep up on the latest research.
I found a neat article about...
wait for it.....
warm water exercise.

That got my attention. Warm water exercise improves Fibromyalgia symptoms and quality of life.  I'm in for that. I didn't get the exercise part unless it was jumping up and down in the spa but....I kept reading.

The study involved about sixty female patients that had Fibromyalgia.

Right after the study concluded they had improved in areas like pain intensity, fatigue and morning tiredness. They concluded that hydrotherapy improved "sleep quality, physical function, professional status, psychological disorders and physical symptoms in patients with Fibromyalgia." 

Oh really??

Can you tell me what professional status has to do with it? Also, it just happened to sneak in there psychological disorders. It is really, really annoying how persistent this psychological, excuse the expression, bull-crapola keeps rearing its ugly little head. Is it basically saying that unresolved childhood issues manifest itself in physical pain??

Science is proving that the pain pathways are altered.

However, some studies still want to imply that it's all in our heads.

I just love the words.


Warm water exercise.

Basically what there saying is.....

it's not that bad.....

go take a bath and call me in the morning.


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