Friday, December 13, 2013


Yes, Virginia....
There is a Santa Claus.

All it takes is a little pressure from the Attorney Generals from 28 states and, guess what? 

Now maybe, just maybe the F.D.A. will rethink their approval of Zohydro. 

Believe me, I am not against pain medication. I need it to control the constant pain that I live with, BUT, I keep a tight control on the medication. These drugs, even in low doses, are very powerful and they need to be monitored. I've seen what drugs can do and it isn't pretty. You can take them and not wake up. 

The letter from the attorney generals have asked for the revocation of the approval or to make it conditional and the company must reformulate the product so that it is more difficult to abuse.

What I didn't know?

Zohydro is five to ten times more powerful than the currently available hydrocodone that's on the market. WOW! To my mind? These pills shouldn't be available to everyone. It should be for terminal pain patients. If you're walking around, you shouldn't need Zohydro. It's that simple. 

The company that makes Zohydro declined to comment but the FDA representative said they are reviewing the letter.

Again, pain medication is necessary.

I believe that.

In responsible hands they make one able to enjoy life.

But you don't need an Zohydro if you got a tooth pulled.


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