Tuesday, December 31, 2013


That's just the tip of the iceberg

Well, it's been one heck of a year and, personally, I am glad to see it go. Life always has its challenges and mine is no different than yours. It's when you live with chronic pain and fatigue that it gets a little tricky. Even in the best of times resolutions are a little tough for me. I start out very enthusiastic and then I seem to forget that I had any. I guess goal setting isn't my strong suit. 

I know I'm not big on follow-up, I'm more of the idea man.
But I think this will work.
Here we go.....

First, I resolve to be a little more accepting of me. I know, I make this resolution every year but I think I need to be reminded of this every year.  OK, so I have limitations and pain kind of reminds me on a daily basis that it's there but.........

Next, I need to be a little kinder to my body. I know that if I push I will pay but I still do it. I want to get things DONE! It's that pesky old Type A personality that has plagued me since birth that keeps coming out but..........

Also, I need to be patient and not make myself crazy because I'm frustrated. I need to stop and think "this too shall pass." No, I'm not going to get my wonderful memory back. It falls under the category of "oh well". I'm going to forget words because this is the nature of the fog.......but..........

I need to stay focused on joy

I'm not going to go into some sort of nirvana. That just isn't me. I'm not the type of personality that wouldn't recognize stress if it jumped up and bit them. The idea of acceptance of this thing we call Fibromyalgia, to me, means that I climb in bed and pull the covers over my head and then, that's it, life is over. That I can't do and I won't do.

What I mean is that in the worst of times we need to stay thankful and grateful. We need to put one foot in front of the other and keep going. As tough as it is at times; as overwhelming as the pain can get, as tired as we are, as easy as it seems just to give up, we can't. 

I've seen some pretty dark stuff this year. I've seen what happens when the human spirit doesn't have the will to take it any longer. It tends to put things into perspective. I will never minimize what chronic pain can do and I don't want anyone to think that is what I'm doing. Pain is one tough cookie to deal with on a daily basis and it definitely changes you. As bad as it can get and as rough as it is, I'm saying we need to get through it.

As I've always said,

Fibromyalgia isn't for sissies.

My mantra for this year?


Because it can.

To all my friends, family and followers.....

I wish for a happy, healthy and prosperous 2014.

God Bless every one of you.

Be kind to each other and, most of all....

Be kind to yourself.

Happy New Year!



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