Tuesday, April 1, 2014


We're already to the letter "M."
Where would we be 
without the pain in our body?
Which leads me to .....

M - is for our muscles. That lovely old fibrous tissue that gives us chronic, widespread, musculoskelatal pain which is our namesake.

M - is for moron. I feel like one when the fog sets in and I can feel my IQ drop by 60 points. It's very disconcerting to not be able to remember things. It really is embarrassing when you stop mid-sentence because you can't remember the next thing you were going to say.

M - is for motionless. There are those days when the pain is so intense that I just want to shut out the lights and lie motionless until it passes. 

M - for melancholy. Because the pain and fatigue are our constant companions it's tough to remain upbeat. This is a constant struggle because I just don't want to remain in that state. I will say.....it's work.

M - is for management. We must be ever mindful to manage our symptoms and not let them run away from us. We live with our doctors on speed dial and scour google for ideas and articles about the latest thing just in case it can help. I think most of us can run down numerous management tools that work and those that are junk.

M - is for mysterious. Odd symptoms appear and disappear at will. I have no idea what they can be attributed to and I end up throwing all of them into my Fibromyalgia wastebasket.

M - is for massage. At times, massage seems to help. When my muscles are in real bad shape the thought of anyone "kneading" those muscles is terrifying. I'd be screaming through the treatment and I don't think I'd help their business. 

M - is for memory. Memory? What is that???

M - is for money. Fibromyalgia isn't cheap. Even with insurance the co-pays can be ridiculous. It seems that the month starts and ends with doctor appointments and trips to Sam's Club for my prescriptions.

M - is for mellow. Believe it or not, I've mellowed in my old age. Now, there are those in my family that would hotly debate that statement but I believe it to be true! Not getting on my soapbox about everything has helped. Stress is a killer and it just isn't worth it. I'm not going to change the world. I need to just take a chill pill.

M - is for merciful. Even on the days that are terrible I go back to my mantra, "it could be worse." It could be a lot worse and I don't even want to think about it. People are dying and have cancer.....I'm grateful that what I have can be managed and isn't life threatening. It is life changing but I can deal with that. I am thankful that God has been merciful and I thank him every day that my family and friends are happy and healthy. Me? I'll get through this.

M - is for meaningful. Even when things are tough, we need to find something that makes our life meaningful. For me, it's this blog. For you it may be looking up in the sky and seeing a beautiful sunset or the soft breath of a dog sleeping next to you. What ever you find that is meaningful.....revel in it. 

Even though life is tough,

Even though life sometimes isn't fair,

Even though we think the pain will never end,

Even when we think we can't take much more,

just remember,

it truly is better than the alternative.


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