Wednesday, April 30, 2014


We're already at....

L - is for lousy. Today, I just feel lousy. I feel drained and devoid of energy. Someone just pulled the plug and it's an effort to take one more step. I even have a hard time typing this post.

L - is for lifeless. Along with feeling lousy and having no energy I'm reminded that right now I also feel lifeless. I need to get up and get moving but right now life is just passing me by. My biggest decision is moving my pillow.

L - is for left out. Everyone is going out. Where are you? Well, if you're feeling lousy, most likely you're on the couch or in bed. Not only do you feel like garbage but add guilt on top of it because you have decided to miss out and stay home.

L - is for log. Because that is just what you feel like. A lousy, lifeless log.

L - is for labeled. We don't like it but it happens. We can be labeled by our doctors as a malingerer or depressed. We can be labeled by our friends and family. I can only hope that one doesn't happen. In the perfect world we should have all the loving support that we need but this world isn't perfect. If you are being labeled by friends and/or family, find a support group that can help you.

L - is for lazy. Which we are NOT. I'd venture a guess that most of us were a true Type A personality that went after everything like our hair was on fire. 

L - is for lament. Because of the above we still miss our old lives. Even though that struggle lessens with time, it is still there. I loved sales. The activity and the high pressure.....I thought I could thrive in that lifestyle.....and I did. Well, I did until my body decided to stage a revolution.

L - is for lucky. Why do I use the word lucky? Because we are. Fibromyalgia might be life changing but, thank goodness, it isn't life threatening. I know people that have cancer and have the stress and fear of chemotherapy. With every treatment they hope and pray that they will be one of the lucky ones that beat it. We should be thankful that what we have isn't as bad as that. I'm not trying to minimize all. It is painful and that pain and fatigue and the 1000 gillion other symptoms that plague us can feel like we can't take one more second. What I am saying is that we need to have an attitude of gratitude because it could be so much worse.

L - is for laughter. Because it truly is the best medicine. Find something to laugh about every single day. 

L - is for light hearted. Along with laughter it will lift your spirits and help you deal with chronic illness.

L - is for leisurely. If your body will allow....take a leisurely walk outdoors and drink in the fresh air and sunshine. If it is raining and the humidity is causing pain off the charts.....make that walk a virtual one!! Remember.....the world is available.....all at the click of a mouse.

L - is for luxurious.

When all else fails......

When the world seems not to understand.....

When it just seems to be too much.....

there is nothing like a luxurious bubble bath.

(if you, by any chance, have a jetted not.......

let me repeat once more.......

DO NOT........

use bubble bath with a jetted tub.

just sayin................


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