Saturday, October 24, 2009


I think that certain people can make you sick.

Really physically sick.

I think people put forth a vibe that causes you to react physically. In the same vein certain people comfort you, can cause all kinds of physical reactions so if they can cause good chemical reactions why not the opposite?

I've met people that make the hair on the back of your neck stand up. They give off a really creepy and scary vibration.

I've met people that say they love you but you physically know that's not the truth. Your body reacts and if you listen to it you can learn a great deal about people. We have a sixth sense that we should let come through. Is it a perception of a fleeting expression that we didn't even know we noticed? There are plenty of phrases that describe these kinds of feelings. Pain in the neck, gut feeling, hot under the collar or gave me the heebie-jeebies just to name a few. These are illustrations of actual feelings that can occur when first meeting people.

Intuition comes from deep within us. Is it just our brain rapidly going through our internal file cabinet and reaching a decision based on something or someone in our past that gave us a similar reaction? Do we have understanding or just feel the emotion?

I've had feelings about people since I was a young girl. I've had emotional responses to people and places. One of the spookiest was in Omaha and Elmwood Park. I had a chilling response to a certain place and made my date leave the area. We found out the next day someone had been killed in the park. Coincidence? I've had that feeling a couple of times and I've learned to listen to those feelings.

I don't know whether it's intuition or having certain traits of an empath. I do know that people do open up to me and end up saying, "I don't know why I've told you the things I did. I don't do that with anybody." Is that an empath? I know that I can feel the emotions from people and can tap into them. I don't know if that's what I am but I know I can feel what is going on with people. Is it the gift of discernment?

Sometimes in a relationship I've stayed when it was just an emotional tap. I do believe those types of relationships can make you physically ill. It just drains your body until your immune system is compromised. Staying in stressful situations or around people that stress you will just wear down your body.

I think we need to be still and listen to what our minds and our bodies are trying to tell us.

It could save us from heartache.

It could save us from illness.

It could just save us.


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