Sunday, November 29, 2009


The humidity is up and the OW factor has returned with a vengence. You know, that doesn't sound quite right. It makes it seem that the pain goes away and then returns. The pain NEVER goes away. It's an ebb and flow. Sometimes the wave comes gently on the shore and sometimes the wave is a tsunami.

On top of it all I got denied by disability. I don't even believe that one. They picked out about 8 points in my medical file, which was wrong, and then stated that my profession allowed me the flexibility to make appointments. Are these people on drugs??

No. They just don't want to pay.

Jump through the hoops and let's see how serious you really are and, if you're lucky, you may get discouraged and go away. That's what they really hope you'll do. I believe that they luck out most of the time. This is a fight and I get tired of fighting. I'm tempted to go away but I can't afford to do that. I feel my body getting worse by the day and it's due to high pressure selling and high pressure from management to sell the product. It's hard to keep your mind on selling and presenting a happy face to the world when the pain intensifies. You get one block knocked out and another one is put in front of you.


Now I have to pick apart policies and letters and submit documentation and try to get them to review my file once more. Again, I'll have to wait through the red tape and see if I can get out of the pressure of sales and find another purpose for my life.

I can't believe I have to fight for this and then turn it into begging.

You pay premiums and they have physicians assistants to review your file with the intention of finding anything that they can to turn this request into a denial.

I'm tired.


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