Sunday, November 22, 2009


Thanksgiving is nearly here.

The day to give thanks because no matter what we face, it could always be worse. In essence, this is just a walk in the park.

I'm thankful for the pain so when it ends I know the feeling of relief. I'm thankful for hunger so I know what it feels like to be full. I'm thankful for the tough times so I'll be grateful for the times of plenty. 

I'm thankful that I have a wonderful, beautiful daughter. She's the light of my life. I'm so proud of the woman that she's become. She's a accomplished woman who stands tall. I look at her and marvel that I had a hand in all of this. She's got a tender heart and loves with her whole heart. Her smile lights up the world.

I'm thankful that she found a man who will love her for the rest of his life. A man who's sense of loyalty and integrity is above reproach. A man who is worthy to walk by her side and that will love and care for her and their children.

I'm thankful for a wonderful extended family who has welcomed my daughter and I into their homes and their hearts. They love laughter and friends and dogs. What a group!

I'm thankful for my best friend of 40+ years. It's the friend that we all need. It's a friend that will laugh and cry with you. A friend who'll have your back and cover your ass as well. It's a friend that will tell you the truth knowing that the truth may be painful. A friend that accepts your flaws, applauds your triumphs and cries with you when you're hurt. She's a friend that will always be there.

I'm thankful for Facebook. Before you laugh it's been the vehicle that has brought classmates from years past back into my life.

I'm thankful that my many annoyances with my health can be managed. I've had friends fighting for their lives with breast cancer. Nothing can compare to chemo and radiation. You see the pain and the suffering. You see hair falling out in clumps. You see realization that even though their desire to fight is strong, they know they may lose the battle.

I'm thankful for another friend and the times we sat and cried about our lousy love lives. We were brought together by a lingering ex-boyfriend and have stayed friends. I've helped him through girlfriends and held his heart as he poured his hurt out at my kitchen table. He's the man who is my friend and to go farther I would run the risk of eventually losing the friendship and nothing is worth that. We have a pact. If neither one of us is married by the time we reach 70.....we'll take the plunge.  We would drive each other crazy.

I'm thankful for my dog who continually reminds me how to  be content. He greets me with enthusiasm that goes through his whole body.  He knows he has everything he needs and sleeps contentedly with thoughts of bones and babies running through his head.  

I'm thankful for a wonderful and loving God who doesn't give me all I pray for and yet gives me more than I need. 

So as the day approaches and I reflect on these things I know that tough times will pass and the clouds will part and I'll see the sun.


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