Monday, November 2, 2009


I wrote this last year.

Now we hear that the recession is over. Jobless rates are still up but they now compartmentalize this recession. The recession is over but the jobless recession may take a while to recover. How in the world have they rationalized that one?
What a horrendous year. The recession, so long denied, has finally been recognized by our government think tank. Those who are optimists, like myself, see us on the brink of something much worse. 1929.

The boomer's were given a post-war America that wanted much more for their children then our parents had for themselves. We turned into the proverbial spoiled brats; members of the "lucky sperm club" that had to work for nothing and had it handed to them. Like those spoiled little children, we frittered it all away. We became the generation of "if it feels good, do it." We became the product of Gordon Gekko. His mantra became ours. Greed is good. His brand of capitalism has become our downfall. We forgot that history always repeats itself and we forgot our parents values and turned our backs on honesty and truth. We became immersed in the absolute orgasmic high of accumulation. We became typical type A human beings without concern for anything or anyone but ourselves. Our nation is on the brink of collapse and we stand there while Rome is burning.

This nation used to live independently of the global economy so it would remain politically independent. If we don't change this nation will be owned by others within a very short period of time.
We gave away American jobs and shipped them to Mexico and India so that the voodoo accounting practices touted by the Harvard business school think tanks could enhance our bottom line. Our manufacturing, our jobs and our fiscal well being was being out sourced. We import what we used to see as "made in America." We became convinced that it does take a village and that in this global economy we need to depend on one another. We watching Enron strip workers of their life savings and pensions and then continue to allow the golden parachutes that allow CEO'S to rape and pillage and then quietly go away.
I believe we are watching the late, great days of America as a superpower. I believe we are watching the end of days. We are unwilling or unable to secure our borders. We have become so politically correct it's unthinkable that America would turn away illegal aliens. We're in another war we can't win, our currency is weak and the amount of debt we are passing along to our children is staggering. We throw around BILLION like it's chump change. We are so committed to trickle down economics that we truly believe our government can help us.

Chairman Bernanke is appalling. I wish I had the sound bytes from the last two years with him. Henry Paulson spending our hard earned tax dollars faster than he gets it, Chris Cox who has turned his head away from the biggest scandal in Wall Street history. We've got Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and Barney Frank running this country. They put the blame and point fingers at everyone but themselves. They've bought AIG, Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae with our money. They should have let them fail. It was their policies that everyone should have a home that started this mess.
The very people who proclaim their servitude to the United States of America have the largest golden parachute of all. The Congressional Retirement program is designed to bend us all over one more time as they sign happy trails and ride off into the sunset. Instead of being indignant, we are lazy and self indulgent and refuse to vote the scumbags out of office.
We need to realize our way of life and living are going to be affected. We need fiscal responsibility and we need to bail out the taxpayer. The only way this economy can recover is to point that high powered lens that they look out of and turn that lens upon themselves.


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