Monday, January 10, 2011


I used to say, "if it's too loud you're too old."
I used to say a lot of things.

When my daughter and I went to Phantom of the Opera I noticed that the noise of the casino was really getting to me. Plus, I didn't like the crowds of people. They were talking loudly and then there was the inevitable coughing and sneezing.

Now, I'm a germaphobe.

Funnily enough, I can turn my ipod up and it doesn't bother me, but, put me in a room of loud people and the noise really bothers me. I know that noise sensitivity is a marker for Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia. It's as if the brain goes on overload and the increase in pain almost causes widespread panic. I have to tell you, as much as I loved seeing Phantom, the volume in that room was another issue all together.

It's almost as if the volume settles in my spinal cord and works it's way up to the brain, all the while increasing in intensity. 

I noticed it as well in the gym today. It was noisier than usual. Fortunately, the walking path is on the perimeter so I'm away from it. As I got closer to the area with the treadmills it got louder and louder. This isn't anything new but today I noticed it more than ever.

Does the sensitivity to noise and light fluctuate in the same way that our symptoms do?

Studies have been done and the results showed that Fibromyalgia patients have an increased and exaggerated  response to noxious stimuli as compared to the control group. Another survey found that there could be an aggravation of the symptoms due to weather, noise, light and stress.

I'm used to a lot of stimuli. I used to study and read with the TV on or had music playing. Couple that with being interrupted with questions or comments. Hey, it was no big deal. Actually I found it difficult to have it real quiet. Now, all bets are off.

It sounds to me like we have a central nervous system issue involving sensory amplification and that amplification causes pain.

Does a magnesium deficiency cause the noise sensitivity or tinnitus? Would it help to take more magnesium?

I guess the only thing to do is to remove myself from the noise. 

Quiet is good.

I could be wrong.

Just sayin..........

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  1. What good thoughts on this! I definitely feel this way and struggle with getting over-stimulated and panicky with too much noise or too many people. It's weird, I never used to be claustrophobic or have spacial issues, nor did I hate loud concerts or noises...but now I'm super duper ubber sensitive!

    It's frustrating, but just another part of the process. Today I'm dealing with feeling like I can't breathe at all and my ears are going to explode. Oh what joy.


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