Monday, July 4, 2011


The power of positive thinking.
Think and grow rich.
The list is endless.

I was reading a blog and something jumped out at me and it really kind of ticked me off. Now, I know it doesn't take much to do that.  I was really ready to stop for the night. But................

Did you know that by having a positive attitude you can create a positive event? I guess I really must be a cynic because that just kind of makes me gag. I really do understand the relation between negative thoughts and how it makes the levels of cortisol rise in your body. I know it is much healthier to be optimistic. I know it. I don't have a problem with calming down the brain waves by meditating or by reciting affirmations so that you feel better about yourself and your circumstances during the day. It's just that I think that I am optimistic. I have a rock solid view of human nature and it has never failed me. 

I guess I do have some optimism after all. I don't think I'm a pessimist. In fact, I know I'm not. I do believe everything works out for the best but I'm also a realist. Not everything in this world happens because of a positive or negative affirmation.

I know I'm a bit opinionated..........well, maybe more than a bit but when I read that we basically choose to be sick because of the way we write or by the words that we speak I became highly irritated. She actually stated that words can speak death into your health and/or finances. Tell that to people that have been diagnosed with a terminal illness. Tell that to people that have been unemployed due to downsizing in this economy. Tell that to any person that has been diagnosed with a chronic illness. Tell them they spoke their own demise by their very words. What is all this Pollyanna crap? I mean being happy is a good thing. It's wonderful to smile, to hope and pray for good things and to reach for goals, but isn't this just crossing the line? 

Is it just me?

The people that I know would give anything to live their lives over again the day before that diagnosis was given. If it was as simple as stating a positive affirmation there isn't a person alive that would speak them over and over and over again. I feel that it's an insult to tell people that they've done this to themselves.

Is she on drugs?

I can go into the garage all I want but I won't be a car. I can positively affirm that I want a million dollars but that doesn't mean I'm going to get it. I can say that I don't want a chronic illness but that doesn't mean it will go away. I can positively say that I don't want to die but that doesn't mean that it won't happen someday.

I will not feel pain.

I will not be chronically ill.

I've said it over and over again.

Didn't work.