Tuesday, July 26, 2011


I called it.
I could feel it coming.
Every muscle, every bone in my body.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, "I'm better than a barometer." I've felt the humidity rise tick by tick. Let me check and see what the official number is..........it's......wait for it..........it's 26%. Once it reaches 20% I can feel the moisture in the air rise.

And I can feel it in every part of my body.

It seems that our joints have sensory nerves called baro-receptors. It seems that these nerves can respond to changes in atmospheric pressure. I found out that they are especially receptive when the pressure is low, in other words, when the air has more moisture in it. Research has also shown that it can affect the levels of fluid that line the joints. This can cause inflammation and pain.

See? We're not so crazy after all.

I have a question. If the fluid in the joints respond to atmospheric pressure and it affects the levels of fluid around the joints and this causes inflammation, where does inflammation fit in to Fibromyalgia? Why are we troubled by changes in the weather if there is no inflammation? 

I'll have to think about that one..........

My hands hurt. It always seems to be where the aching, throbbing pain starts. It feels like a spring tightening, winding itself up until it's so tight you can see the tension in the spring. I've tried the coping mechanisms and I've tried to find my zen place. The problem is that my zen place is in a quart of Haagen Daz ice cream. And that is NOT a good thing. My other zen place is a quiet beach but then I envision myself in a bathing suit and then that zen place falls apart. Even my dog H seems to be affected by the weather. He isn't walking very well but he seems to still be a happy guy and wag his tail happily at the sign of treats! (My kind of dog!)

Anyway, in my quest to greater self-awareness and re-invention, I've come up with an idea.

Maybe I should be a meteorologist............

Just sayin.................