Friday, September 2, 2011


Just when it got interesting.
Let's throw stem cells into the mix.

I'd read in passing about using stem cells to cure Fibromyalgia, but I passed it off as voodoo magic. Now, it seems to have surfaced again. I wanted to see if anything new has come up but, not really. 

Same old stuff just different day.

What is the same is the response that we all have to something that will allow us to get our lives back. Mine is, "I'd wash my face in sewer water if I thought it would help!" All of the responses were along those lines. We would do anything to get rid of the pain..........


The problem with stem cells, in my opinion, is that it's too new. As far as Fibromyalgia goes there is still a ton of debate on what the actual mechanism is that flips the switch on this condition. Some of the stem cell clinics I looked at lumps Fibromyalgia in with autoimmune disorders like RA or Lupus. Some Fibromyalgia sufferers may have autoimmune issues but Fibromyalgia itself is not an autoimmune disease.

The problem I have with a couple of the clinics is that it gives a false sense of hope. Again, this is just my opinion, but there is a reason it isn't allowed in the U.S. It's also very, very expensive. Upwards of 30 grand a treatment! Also, how do we know that it won't cause something that is more debilitating than the Fibromyalgia itself?

To me it's risky business.

I would love to try a lot of things but I am fearful of snake oil cures. There are alternative forms of treatment that I will try but playing around with stem cells or altering brain pathways isn't my first choice. Right now, we are able to somewhat manage the myriad of symptoms that plague us. Until something is proven not to be harmful, I'd just as soon pass on it.

I guess it comes down to our choices. We need to listen to our bodies and do what is helpful to us, both mentally and physically. What works for one person may not work for another and we should be sensitive to that. 

I think something that will work for all of us is to find something that we can smile about in these messed up circumstances. I'm not saying a positive attitude will take away the pain but it can help us deal with it a little bit better.

 I think we need to choose what we can deal with and what we can't.

They're called deal breakers.

And we need to listen to ourselves about them.

And if Tom Cruise wants to slide across my living room playing air guitar...........

Well, that's OK too...................