Monday, August 29, 2011


For all of this Joanna:
Forgive me.
It was just too good to pass up!

I was in big trouble. I knew it when I said I'd go to the presentation. This is my knitting class all over again. It was just a matter of how much damage I'd do.

To be fair about this, I love essential oils. I think that the essence of certain plants and herbs have definite medicinal and healing properties. I got hooked on this when I was in college and started reading about them. I like to combine holistic methods along with conventional medicine. I do believe that there is room for both.

Now one of the first rules of sales is that you keep your eye on the target and you don't let them out of your sight. I know this. I've trained this. What did I do? This wonderful lady offered to take me to the presentation and I said, "Sure." 

I was a dead duck.

When we walked in the home it was set up perfectly. All the oils were set out and there was a diffuser in the room spraying a lovely, peaceful scent. It was just like being in a spa. 

The next salvo was fired.

Then we start with the flip board and the evils of the pharmaceutical companies. I could see it coming. I could feel it. she explained the properties of the oils and locking her eyes on mine, she slowly unscrewed the cap and held it out to me.

"Smell it," she said.

I was done.

All I wanted to know is how much and how fast I could get my hands on these little babies and just like that I was an owner. I won't say how much I spent but I will say that it is on the same level as the offer my former husband made me if I finished the sweater. There's an old phone room saying. You want to make them ask how many are in the box. When they do that......well, you know you've got them.

I not only asked how many were in the box, I asked how many boxes they had and how soon I could get them.

For a woman who made her living in sales I just wish I had a hundred of me walking through the door everyday. 

I not only took the bait, I put the hook in my mouth for her.

Anyone need oil???????