Wednesday, December 30, 2015


It's that time of year.
Holidays and parties.
And you are just exhausted.
More than exhausted.

I read somewhere that it's a good idea when you have a chronic illness to lower your standards for holiday shopping and baking. Lower my standards? How much lower can they go before I just put the covers over my head? It's bad enough that I feel pain on a daily basis, I really don't want to inflict anyone else with that on the holidays.

Then again, I don't think anyone holds the standard that I hold to myself. 

When my daughter was little we had to run from home to home to celebrate. By the time the year was over I was glad that it would be a whole year before I had to do THAT again. Then as time went on and pain entered my life I began to resent it even more. I had to stop and remember, that for me, the reason of the season was not rushing around for the perfect gift and baking until I dropped. I had to remember that I had the perfect gift and I had a wonderful family that it was a joy to be around. 

So, how do I get through the holidays?

All I can say is thank goodness for Amazon. Well, I'm going to expand that to the whole internet. What was it like before? It's hard to remember life before one-click buying. I just don't have it in me to brave the crowds anymore.  What would I want for myself and others that have illness as a part of their lives?  I would want a magic wand to conjure up a cure for myself and others.

So, now the craziness of Christmas is over and in just a few days it's the New Year. I've never liked going out New Years Eve. It's just not something I like to do. We usually go to dinner early and we're home before nine. Let everyone else party in the new year. I will watch the ball drop from my nice warm bed.

I really need to start thinking about my resolutions....

That I never keep........

But, I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday.

Now, we're on to 2016......

Oh my gosh.........



Where did this year go???


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