Monday, December 14, 2015


Sometimes it's true.
Good things do come in small packages.
This one works.

About a month ago I got an email from Brandon Molnar. He owns Utopia Gear and sells a product called Massage Pro. He asked if I'd review his product and, since I've got issues with my back along with Fibromyalgia, I told him I'd be glad to do so. He shipped the box and I wanted to give it some time so I'd know if it really would work for my back as well as the Fibromyalgia.

I got the box and got familiar with the Massage Pro.  So, what is it? I could tell you but the website tells it best.

"The Massage Pro 3.0 is a dual channel TENS/EMS unit used by physical therapists and chiropractors worldwide.  This portable tens unit sends an electronic pulse to the nerve endings, which in turn makes the muscles contract, increasing circulation.  Most pain is due to inflammation and research shows that increasing circulation is one of the most effective ways to reduce inflammation.  

The Massage Pro 3.0 has two inputs, allowing 4 tens unit pads to run at one time and at different intensities; this is huge because you can essentially save time by having two different body parts being worked simultaneously at separate power levels.  With 12 different modes to choose from, this is the world's best TENS unit." 

I have a TENS unit but find it cumbersome to wear around. This fits easily in my pants pocket and very lightweight. That is a huge plus and makes it so I can "plug in" anywhere.

He sent me information and let me know that Fibromyalgia patients usually find modes 2 and 3 irritating but I actually didn't mind any of them. I liked the first mode the best. You can set it up to an hour which was great for my back. I set it for 10 minutes to start but I found I could have it set for much longer. Everyone may not be like me and may like or not like all of the modes. 

What I do think is that it could be a useful tool in our belts to have. Our muscles need movement and this brings much needed circulation to help alleviate the pain. It helped me a great deal and I'm thankful they approached me to review it. As I write this post, I've got it on. 

The company has generously offered a discount to readers if you want to purchase one of these units. If you use the code SEEKING60 the price of the 3.0 unit will drop to $149.99. If you want an easy way to the site click on any Massage Pro on this post and it will take you directly there.

Some of the features of the unit are: 

TENS/EMS Combo Unit
LCD Display with backlight
Ability to set the intensity independently for each channel
12 massage modes
10-60 minute adjustable timer
20 levels of intensity
1 large and 1 small set of electrode pads
USB and wall adapter included
Extremely portable, fits in your pocket, the ultimate mini massager
Rechargeable internal Lithium Ion battery
Two year warranty

I don't do many product reviews and the ones I have reviewed I truly do believe in. I'm not saying that it will work for everyone. We all have different levels of pain and, for some, it may be too much. To be fair, I waited until I had a real bad day and used it. Even though the pain was pretty intense I still found it helpful. During that time I was only able to use the first mode. 

If you are looking for something like this please visit their site and support the company.

Thank You!

Now, because I must......

between my headphones.......

my wires from the TENS unit...........

I might look a little suspicious ......

if I try to board a plane....

I better unplug for that!

Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah or Happy Holidays!!!

My best to you all!



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