Sunday, August 15, 2010


I've done the work.
I've joined the gym.
I'm walking.
I've lost one pound.

I really am motivated to move just because I know in the long run it will help manage the pain of Fibromyalgia. At the very least it will, for a little while, help distract me from the pain. Okay, I can live with that. The other thing that motivates me is that I really need to lose the weight except that I'm not losing anything despite the fact that my calorie intake is very, very low.

Double crap.

What is it going to take to lose any weight? You can see where I'm going here. The pain seems to be my secondary motivation. I'm just tired of looking the way I do. My daughter is getting married next May and I want to look like the mother of the bride, not the grandmother of the bride. You see, I've got plenty of motivation to not only feel better but to look better. 

I really am trying to cut out all the crap kind of food. I know I need to eat breakfast but I hate it. My idea of breakfast is coffee and diet coke. Actually, I can go all day without eating and then hit it at around 5. I can then eat a sensible dinner. I love veggies and chicken so it's not difficult for me to cut back on calories. My problem is when I'm bored. Around eight I want either ice cream or popcorn both of which are bad for me. I know, I know.........the diet coke isn't good for me either but it's going to be REAL tough for me to give that up. Without caffeine I just might be comatose.

The walking has really knocked me out. After I walk I just want to come home and get in bed. I still hurt and my energy levels are practically non-existent. I will keep walking because I need to keep walking. 

Years ago I had a personal trainer who came to the house while I exercised. We would spend an hour doing aerobics and strength training. I was in really good shape. I could do push ups and sit ups and run like a champ. Believe that one? Another thing that I used to do. (sigh)

All I know is that after you exercise a little snack is in order.

Cheesecake would be nice.


  1. Cheesecake! Why I just read an article in a scientific journal that said cheesecake had miraculous healing properties -- can't remember if it was the cheese part or the cake part. Eat up!
    Judy Westerfield
    P.S. Loved the post

  2. I was NOT hungry for cheesecake till YOU brought it up! Awww, I can almost smell it! Yummo. Especially homemade from scracth, New York style! Yum!

    You are amazing. I can't believe you are still at it. You go girl!

    I lost 42 pounds for my daughter's wedding. It isn't where I want to be but I'm okay with it. At least I won't be 250+ pound which is where I started last year. Darn prednisone!

    No matter what you weigh, you will be a beautiful mother-of-the-bride! Promise! :-)

  3. Ah crap, now I'm craving cheesecake! Gack!!

    Seriously though, I totally know what you're feeling. Despite that I'm able to mostly consistently exercise more and eat more organically {which really has helped my Fibro symptoms}, it's still mega hard. I can't survive without my Pepsi {yeah I can't even do diet!}, and I know the feeling after working sooo hard to hardly lose any weight. It's maddening. It's discouraging.

    I keep telling myself I have to do it anyway. I know I have to. I want to feel better and look better.

    But. oh. my. word. Why must it be so hard?!?!

    I wish I had the answers. I don't. But at least we have each other to cope! **gentle hugs**

  4. I'm really glad you wrote about the fibro weight struggle. Many of the medical professionals I encounter discount the problems that arise when you are much heavier than you were started taking Lyrica, for example. People don't seem to believe me when I say that carrying around an extra 30-50 pounds is painful. Hard on the body. Like you, when I walk for even 10 minutes, I usually collapse and have to take a nap right after for 30 mins. In the past few months, I've finally started building some endurance but I know what it struggle it must be. Good luck avoiding that cheesecake - sending you well wishes.

  5. I'm still trying to work this comment thing out. I'm not sure if I write one if you see it. I just don't want anyone to think I'm ignoring them!!

  6. Yep, cheesecake is a wonderful thing!! The weight issue is always a touchy one because the last thing we need with chronic pain is a self esteem issue as well. I've had mine for years so it's always with me!! Thanks to all of you for following!!


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