Sunday, August 8, 2010


In the battle between you and pain.
Bet on the pain.

Today the humidity has been over 54%. Right now, it's at 28%. I don't do well with that level of moisture in the air. It feels like every bone in my body aches. 

And aches real bad.

It was so nice outdoors too. It was cool, wonderful and a day that we hadn't had in quite some time. I used to love days like this and now it hurts me to love them. I want to pull the covers over my head and give in.

I will probably do that tonight. 

I've tried baths to no avail. I've tried the medication and I will probably take more right before I try to go to sleep. Maybe it will knock me out so I don't wake up every five minutes. This is what I dread about the monsoon season. It just makes me want to cry. I'm hoping I can move in time for the water class in the morning. If it's as bad as it is tonight, I'm not going.

To top it off there was just a commercial for Lyrica on television. She looked so happy and smiling talking about the chance the it could cause suicidal thoughts. She even looked happy talking about debilitating pain. I would just love to see a real commercial showing how we look when our body is trying to fight off the pain.

So for tonight, in the war of me and pain, I'm letting pain win.
I'm too tired and I hurt to bad to fight it.

**just as an FYI, I want to throw things at the TV when those commercials come on. In fact, they really piss me off.


  1. I f'ing hate those commercials.
    And magazine ads.

    They make it look like having these illnesses is fun. Ridiculous.

    Sending you lots of love,

  2. Hey Annie! I want to throw stuff at my TV when those smiling zombies are on!

  3. I hate them that's three of us..I am not going to take Lyrica..all I hear is it might or might not help, but for sure it puts weight on..Ok no more weight for me I can' loose what I've already piled on. I hate this disease. Badly.


  4. PS Can you tell I've had a shatty day, too...bah


  5. Hi Rose,
    Sorry I haven't read your blog lately. I've been busy but finally made it over here. I've missed visiting.
    You know, the post I wrote about the TV commercial, well, I realize now it was a PSA and not a commercial. The women were crying and they weren't advertising any drugs. I don't know why I didn't realize that but I hate those commercials about Lyrica. Hate em!
    I tried Lyrica. I couldn't talk right. My words came out of my mouth either backwards or it would be the wrong words. Plus, all I wanted to do was sleep, constantly. I gave it a college try too. No Lyrica for me ever again!
    My son called up an aunt he hasn't talked to in forever the other day so of course I had to talk to her too. (His dad's sister) I told her I have fibro. I had forgotten she was the mean sister. She said her daughter-in-law has it and added, "But she works." I told her so did I until it got worse. And what's up with people saying it doesn't get worse? It sure did for me over the years and pretty much seems to still be getting worse. I don't understand when they say it isn't a progressive disease when it keeps getting worse.
    I've been in a whole lot of pain Rose. Very bad. I went out a few weeks ago, had a great time and am still paying dearly for it. I hate that too.
    As always, I hope the day is good to you in some way. I'm thinking of you.


  6. I so agree with Annie. I HATE those ads. Errr!

    I'm sorry you weather is effecting you so badly.

    Have you tried 'real' epsom salts? Sometimes that helps me.

    Sending you lots of gentle hugs!


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