Saturday, August 7, 2010


I understand that I need to move around.
I'm going to try to move through the pain.
I'll let you know how that works out.

Let me go back about 35 years. I have joined every single health club that opened up in town. Now, ask me about those memberships. Did I go and work out every day? I'll let you guess. I didn't like to work out when I felt good, let alone now.

The ONLY reason I'm doing this is because I feel that if I don't do something, I'm going to wind up as an invalid. I have succumbed to the pain and it feels good to curl up in bed and wait until the pain subsides to a manageable level. When I wake up I experience the morning stiffness that is part of Fibromyalgia. When I stretch enough to be able to move I want to cry when my feet first hit the floor because they hurt so much. It seems that the pain settles in my hands and feet.  I'm forever rubbing my hands.

So now I've decided to try some sort of exercise. I'm going to go to some water aerobics. First of all I can't run on pavement anymore. My body can't take that sort of impact. So, I figure exercising in the water can be a viable way to get some much needed movement in my body. I have some equipment in my house but I just don't have the motivation to use it. I use the treadmill for about 2 minutes. I thought that if I did it while I watched television the time might pass quickly. No such luck. 

I can't believe it.
I joined another club.

Well, I'll see what happens.
Boy, if this isn't deja vu.


  1. You are right. Everyone that I know with Fibro who exercises is doing fantastically better than those who don't.
    It's pretty much established in clinical trials that inactivity is the worst thing you can do for chronic pain.
    It took me awhile to come to the realization that if I'm going to be in pain I might as well live my life.

  2. Hey Rose,
    Just wanted to say good for you for signing up. I also wanted to tell you that I took water aerobics at the YMCA about two or so years ago. You may be able to take the cold water better than I could but that was my first problem. Then, the teacher didn't know zilch about fibro. I'd get tired within the first few minutes, which was the warm up exercises. I kept on going though 'cause in water you can't feel pain. I got very sick and sicker each time I went. I would be fatigued so bad for days after. And one time I got so cold when I got out the teacher had to help me walk. I was shaking so bad. Finally, I talked to my doctor and he said I should have only been doing the 15 min worth of warm up exercises and that would have been enough for me. I went back and told the teacher that. She didn't like it too much. She said if I was going to benefit I needed the entire 45 minutes. But I didn't. I only needed that first few minutes. I hope you get a better teacher. Just take it easy and slow in the beginning. I hope it works out because the water therapy exercises I did in the warm pool really did improve the quality of my life. I miss going but insurance pays for that place.
    I too am trying to make sure I walk or do something each day. It's very hard.
    Good luck and I can't wait to hear about your experience. Again, I do hope it is a positive one for you.



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