Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Did you know?
Anger and sadness increase pain
in women with Fibromyalgia.
La Dee Da,
La Dee Da.

So I read this article because I was interested in the findings. First of all, anger and sadness increase pain in women with and without  Fibromyalgia. As far as I'm concerned the fibro was just a way to get into the headlines. They could have just stated that anger and sadness increase pain. I'll buy that one. Negative emotions do have an impact on our stress levels and our bodies. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that one out. Maybe I'm just being pissy but these kinds of articles irritate me to no end. 

First of all, let me address cognitive behavioral therapy which they think is a very promising avenue in the management of Fibromyalgia.


Behavioral therapy is supposed to change the way your mind influences your body. In other words, when you focus on something wonderful you can change the way your body reacts to the pain.


I have a high tolerance for pain. I am not unfamiliar with techniques that I've used in the past to breathe my way through painful situations. No, I'm not talking about Lamaze. I've had ankle sprains and the pain that I experienced was off the wall.  Through deep breathing and focusing on something else I was able to tolerate excruciating pain. That is something totally different than what I've got going on here.  

You know what's coming. Chronic pain that you have to deal with on a daily basis is becoming chronic acute pain. It's the pain that is at an 8 or above on the pain scale. You focus, you breathe, you get in the bathtub, you cry and scream and all the while you're praying that it doesn't get worse. This isn't a momentary re-focus.  This is the kind of pain that isn't affected by the medication. This is the kind of pain where you just want to be knocked out.  This is the kind of pain that you CANNOT manage by behavioral therapy. Believe me, we know because we've all tried it. If it worked we'd be doing it every available minute so we could get our lives back. Every single one of the women I know do everything they can to rise above their pain and deal with their everyday lives.

They say the good thing about this kind of therapy is that it has none of the side effects that can occur with other management tools, such as pain medication. Cognitive behavioral therapy isn't what comes out of the pain fairies wand and makes it disappear. It sounds to me like they are worried about dependence on opioid pain medication. The people who depend on these medications to deal with chronic pain do not abuse them. They need them to function in this world. 

Tell me they really think that this therapy could take the place of medication.   I'd say they must be on the very drugs that they don't want us to take. 

It makes me angry when I see articles like this. Gee, you think my pain will increase?


Just breathe.

Was it as good for you as it was for me?


  1. Yeah like all we gotta do is breathe our way thru it...right...

    That's like the other day I'm walking past a natural products store in the mall and they had a big sign "Freedom from Pain" and listed a whole whack of pain related conditions this supplement was supposed to help ..yeah right, how is this supplement gonna do what the strongest pain meds out there can't?

  2. LOL. I totally relate. I don't know what to say except oh so true!! Thanks for sharing.

    Working on breathing....

    Oh yeah, it's just delightful. I feel no pain anymore.

  3. The thing is, people without chronic pain just don't (and probably never will) get it. A migraine is not just a headache. Fibro is not just like the aches and pains of the common cold. These are insanely intense feelings that we feel ALL day, EVERY day. The pain is relentless, and NO amount of breathing in and breathing out is going to take the pain away. I share in your frustration, hun. Blessings.

  4. I know, my friends, I know......there is a little bit of truth and a lot of crap out there. It would have been fine if they'd said used in conjunction with other therapies but they don't.

    It's all snake oil to me!

    Hugs to you all!

  5. Rose, unreal. they just set us back a few years..I can just now hear someone saying 'just try to breathe'..bah


  6. Right on Rose!

    You said it well here.

    Thanks for speaking for all of us.


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