Saturday, August 13, 2011


Do things happen for a reason?

I've always wondered if things happen for a reason. Some people use destiny or fate as a reason why they shouldn't take their own steps but I've found that no matter what steps I choose to take, something always happens that puts life into perspective. 

I've been asked if I believed if there was a reason that we're born. I do believe that to be true. Take my story, for instance. Back in 1952 premature babies had a high death rate. Born between 26-29 weeks and weighing two pounds, survival wasn't a given. There was a high chance my lungs would not have developed to a point where they could sustain life and there was an even higher chance that I could have been blind. Instead, I beat the odds and was given to a couple in Omaha, Nebraska that wanted a small baby girl that fit in a shoe box.

My life also seemed to be full of coincidences. 

For example, I spent three months in an incubator and I was finally allowed to go home on the 17th of November. What are the odds that I would take my own daughter home from the hospital on November 17th? My original due date was October 20th; the same day as my son-in-law's birthday. 

Now, it seems that I'm coming to some sort of path that seems to have been preordained. I don't know where it will go but I have the feeling there is a definite reason for these two paths to cross. It's a little unsettling to look back and see how life leads you down certain roads. You can always change the path but can you change the outcome? 

I don't know.

Whether your experiences are good or bad there are life lessons to be learned. As unfortunate as it is our periods of growth come from these times or as I call it.........AFGO. (it's just Another F**king Growth Opportunity. The upside is that you can't appreciate something good if you'd never gone through something bad. Destiny is tricky and heady stuff. You can't read too much into it but you can't dismiss it either. When something good does happen you can't let it pass you by. You have to hold on with both hands and not let it go. 

All of this involves trust and that's never been my strong suit. It involves letting go and really believing that I can't control every aspect of my life; that there is a God in heaven that is guiding my steps. I can't just say I believe that, I really have to believe that.

It's like your compass is always pointing you...............

Due north.