Thursday, September 24, 2009


Well, I got my blood test results. The very little but important gland is acting up again and it seems intent on playing havoc with my system. It has sucked the life and personality out of me. For a long time I didn't know who I was. Now, even that is gone. I'm passing through this life on flat line. BORING.

I love it when the "normal" range is somewhere between 2-34. That's a pretty good range and most people will fall somewhere in between those two numbers. I guess because I've never been "normal" my numbers wouldn't be either.

Try 1000.

Now I'm not a doctor but when the high side of normal is 34 and you are at 1000 it's a pretty safe bet that something not good is afoot.

My emotions have been all over the place and I'm not bipolar. I would guess it's my thyroid and my bodies rejection of it.

Something has to be done because even though I'm making light of it, having your thyroid gland that far out of whack and then your body attacking it at the same time ISN'T GOOD. I've always been a fan of natural and bio-identical medications along with conventional medicine but this time I'm going conventional all the way.

I've tried the bio-identical and paid through the nose for it, however, it's done nothing. In fact, I think I'm getting worse. Well, I don't think; I know. I'm 400 points worse than I was in June. What's in these pills? Since I don't know I'm going to take it to my internist and have them prescribe something I can track. I'm all for natural but when it comes to something that regulates so many important functions in your body, I'm going to the tried and true.

I get tired of feeling like crap but I've dealt with that. I can deal with what I know but I can't deal with what I don't know.

I've felt different and that frightens me.

So it's off to another set of doctors. I'm not searching for what I want to hear. I don't care about that. I want someone to tell me what the hell is going on and be competent. That's all I ask

Is that too much to ask?


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