Sunday, December 26, 2010


My daughter knows me so well.
Her gifts are always so unique and fun.
This year, she REALLY nailed it.
Introducing the bath bomb.

It's cloudy and the humidity is still at 56%. I say still because I checked it around 3 last night and it was 74%. I couldn't figure out why I hurt so bad and I decided to check the weather forecast.

Bad move.

I had Christmas Eve at the outlaws, as I love to call them, and made it through that fairly well. As we drove home I knew it was going to be a very long night. I could feel the tightening in the muscles so instead of getting in the tub when I got home, I just got in bed.  My daughter had given me the most beautiful smelling bath bombs and I really wanted to try them but I skipped the bath and just got in bed and tried to close my eyes.

Stupid move.

When I woke up Christmas morning all I wanted to do was stay in bed and put the covers over my head. That isn't a good sign. Usually I love presents but, this morning,  it even hurt to unwrap those. I cannot EVEN believe that I just said that! 


Not want to unwrap gifts?

Something is very, very wrong if that happens.

Let me tell you about the bath bombs. There is a store called Basin White in the Venetian Hotel. Thank goodness this hotel is on the Strip and far away from me because I'd probably spend my last dollar in there! These balls of fragrance, oils and sodium bicarbonate are like giant Fizzies for the tub. They are relaxing and smell UNREAL! It dissolves quickly in the water so you don't have to deal with salt crystals on the bottom of the tub. I didn't try one Christmas Eve but I did last night. She bought 7 of them for me and I'm certain I'll go through the rest of them before the week is out.

Oh, no!!!!!!!! 

I have a new obsession.

Great, just what I need.....

I've had all sorts of new obsessions. That's what we call little goofy gifts that I buy in quantity. There were the Yip Yaps, Blender Balls, Dental Dots. You name it, I'll find it. So now I have Bath bombs to add to the list. Next year, thanks to my daughter, EVERYONE will have a bath bomb in their stocking.

It may go over a little better than the Dental Dots...............

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  1. THAT sounds like an wonderful obsession to have! I was sinking into my tub as I read your description! ha ha

    I'm sorry you are in payback mode. I hope you feel better soon!


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