Saturday, May 8, 2010


No question about it. 
Fibromyalgia kicks our fanny.

Just when I thought I looked pretty donning my Fibromyalgia dress for the day...........I realized I forgot my tiara!

You know, when you add acute appendicitis to the mix and emergency surgery to follow your body tends to rebel, just a tad. I have to love Judy Westerfield. She has a wonderful blog, or blogs actually, and uses imagery to describe her emotions and physical well-being. Her article on Living with God-Aliens and Pain is wonderful but her alien is a little different than mine. Mine has taken over my body with sharp aches and pains. 

Mine is menacing because I haven't fully accepted my limitations and I have a hard time accepting what this has done to my life.  

Let's go back a couple of days. I'm just starting to have a relatively decent day and my appendix decides that I'm starting to let my guard down, just a bit. Oh no, no no. She must not do that....not in the play book! Let's take a couple of sharp stabs and see if she listens.


Okay, full blown appendicitis. Has anyone tried to heal when the weather is starting to change AGAIN and the old familiar ache is washing over you and your abdomen wants to take first place in the "let's see what can hurt her more" contest?  I knew it would be a little rocky but it is like getting bashed between that proverbial rock and a hard place. No one can be declared a winner but they'll keep duking it out anyway.

Here is what ticks me off the most.

I know we all tend to gain a "little" bit of weight with the Fibro due to the inactivity or WHATEVER  reason your body will give you in the moment but wouldn't you think after not eating for 4 days you'd lose a little bit of weight? Monday....didn't feel good enough to eat.....the attack coming on. Tuesday......had the surgery......nope, no food there. bite of oatmeal so they'd let me go home. Thursday........finally one bite of chicken and a spoonful of rice. Friday.....a few graham crackers AND THAT'S IT. That isn't a huge caloric intake in anyones book. What do you think my body did with that?? Did it shed a couple of pounds, even as a get well soon gift??


Do you believe that one?

Well, neither do I!

So my body is trying to heal but it feels like someone took an eggbeater and scrambled my insides around a bit. I know they put camera's inside to look around but it feels like they put a whole crew in there. I don't know how long it takes to heal from all of this but I was hoping that I'd get a little break from the Fibro pain.

Not even close.


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