Tuesday, May 11, 2010


It doesn't take much to lift me off the table.
Pushing on the tender points will just about do it.

I've heard good and bad stories about the Fibro and Fatigue Clinics.  My experiences with Dr. Alina Garcia have been wonderful. She's been a very straight shooter and I appreciate her so much. The only downside is that they don't take insurance. I will tell you this:


Take today. 300 bucks later...............

I went in and had to update my status on my trigger point tenderness. God Bless her. She didn't need to press very hard. She could tell by talking to me how I was doing. I had her laughing about the appendicitis and she put me at ease about the test. I haven't really improved since I saw her last. They put a lot of stock on supplements. While I agree that they can help you a great deal, I do not believe that Fibromyalgia is a nutritional problem. I believe it is a neuro-endocrine disorder. But I digress......

18 tender points and you need 11 of them for a positive diagnosis. 

These points are symmetrical; meaning they occur on both sides of the body. They are located on:

  1. The front lower side of the neck
  2. Upper chest
  3. Inner elbow
  4. Just above the inner part of the knee
  5. The back of your head
  6. The top of your shoulders
  7. The upper back right by the shoulder blades
  8. Upper buttock
  9. Hips

Again, you need 11 and I got 16. They hurt like hell too.

The doctor got the information that she needed for her statement. She was appalled that this disability thing has gone on as long as it has. She knows what will happen and what did happen when I tried to overcome all of this and go back to work. She told me I'd crash out and I did. What do you do? I've asked this before. How in the heck do you re-invent yourself in your mid-50's? No one will admit it but there is age discrimination in sales. So what to do? High pressure and high stress are horrible job partners to have with Fibromyalgia. There were days that I would practically have to crawl in the door. I couldn't go upstairs and when people wanted to spend a lot of time there I wanted to scream. It was impossible to do everything that is required for new home sales. 

So I made it through today. She'll put together her diagnosis and letters and send them down to the attorney. The good part is that I really love this doctor. The bad part is the Clinic is going corporate so if you don't take their package you may get shoved out the door. That part sucks. I understand more doctors are going to managed care but this clinic doesn't take insurance to begin with. Their packages start at about 4800 so like I said.........Fibromyalgia isn't cheap. So it remains to be seen if I'll be there very much longer.

So again it's hurry up and wait....



  1. I hope everything works out for you...I am including you in my daily prayers..:)
    I went to a fibro clinic just to "check" it out....$6000.00 and they don't take insurance. OK how are we supposed to affored this??

  2. You would have been proud of me yesterday. The office manager came in to pitch the 4800 pkg. and I put my finger in her face and said it was a corporate monetary decision not one to promote health for people with Fibro. It really pissed me off. That's the thing.....who can afford that kind of care?

  3. I, too, pray that this will be enough for the disability to kick in. My brother, a Viet Nam Vet, has been trying to get disability for over two years. He has melanoma, COPD,and bi-polar disorder to name only three of his health problems. I don't know what the answer is. Keep jumping the hoops, I guess. I am so sorry, Rose. One of my favorite isms - Life is hard and then you die.

    CJ, in time

  4. Hey CJ........I'm a cynic from way back so it's not a bummer. Love the saying....I say that too! How are you doing??


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