Friday, May 21, 2010


Pick a word
Any word
Can you find me?
Where's Waldo?

No question about it. The last week has been awful. The pain has been out of control and I don't know why. The weather did change and it went from the 80's and 90's to the low 70's. The wind keeps coming back and it's strong. 

Maybe that's it. 
I have no clue.
All I know is that this flare has been a doozy.

I've tried warm baths. I've got a jetted tub but that doesn't help. I tried dipping my hands into warm wax but that doesn't help. I've tried ice and that doesn't help. I've sat in the shower until the hot water had run out. I've curled up in a little ball in my bed and cried.

So what do I do?
I guess just tough it out and take the pain pills and muscle relaxers.

My daughter called and asked how I was feeling and I couldn't tell her the truth. She knew the last couple of days had been real bad and I couldn't tell her today was more of the same. Today has been a tad better so it wasn't a total lie. The last couple of days were a 10 on the pain scale and today was a 9 so I can justify it; can't I?

So I'm back to rubbing my hands because they hurt. I'm back to hardly walking because it hurts. I'm back to hardly sleeping because when I move in what little sleep I do get, it hurts. The fog has returned with a vengeance. 

Oh well, I'm back in bed watching Kitchen Nightmares. I love Gordon Ramsay and can't wait for Hell's Kitchen to start! I'm surrounded by pillows and all I can say is thank heaven for my comfortu pillow because I will probably be watching movies all night. Sleeping tonight is out of the question. 

Hey, it gives me something to do................(sigh)

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  1. You probably have already seen this video but it sums up the feelings in your blog.


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